User Manual For Spe-600 Hydrogen Machine

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
  1. User Manual For Spe-600 Hydrogen Machine Produces
  • Hx-600 SPE 99.999% Pure Hydrogen

To uncrate your machine, remove the shipping hardware and straps that secure the machine to the pallet. With assistance, carefully lift the machine off the pallet. ATTENTION: Do not roll machine off pallet unless a ramp is used, machine damage may occur. ATTENTION: To prevent possible machine damage, install batteries after removing machine from. SKU: BG0712 Category: Hydorgen Water Machine Tags: Hydrogen Water Bottle, hydrogen water bottle maker, hydrogen water generator, Hydrogen Water Machine, hydrogen water machine manufacturer, hydrogen water maker, hydrogen water maker factory, hydrogen water producer, water filter jug, water filter kettle, water filter pitcher. Devices on the machine. Then, take necessary steps to train machine operating personnel. Report machine damage or faulty operation immediately. Do not use the machine if it is not in proper operating condition. WARNING: Batteries emit hydrogen gas. Explosion or fire can result. Keep sparks and open flame away. Keep covers open when charging. Page 1 NETWORK ENCODER User Manual SPE-100.; Page 2: User Manual Samsung Techwin. Disclaimer Samsung Techwin makes the best to verify the integrity and correctness of the contents in this document, but no formal guarantee shall be provided. User manual - Open a window with this manual:) About - The. Drum mode (see Figure 2.7) focuses on using Hydrogen as a drum machine. If you are using Hydrogen as an instrument there is a big chance that the Piano mode is for you. It gives you a complete 'piano keyboard' so.

User Manual For Spe-600 Hydrogen Machine Produces

All orders for the hydrogen machines from AlkalineWaterPlus are pre-orders, and will be delivered approximately 3 weeks after the date of order. We do this to ensure you are always getting the latest upgrade of the machine, freshly made.

Product Description


The Hx-600 Hydrogen Gas Machines are user-friendly and strong portable hydrogen gas generators. With a nice handle and sleek style, they are suitable for any room in your home, clinic or hospital.

Hydrogen gas generators:

A hydrogen gas generator is able to give you the purest form of breathable molecular hydrogen antioxidants, and it also can be used to produce hydrogen-water (molecular hydrogen saturated water for drinking).


DuPont SPE/PEM Membrane

The only really safe method of producing hydrogen gas is using the DuPont SPE/PEM Membrane. The HX machines use DuPont's SPE/PEM Membrane. This membrane removes toxic elements, such as chlorine and ozone, while at the same time produces completely pure hydrogen for either inhaling or producing hydrogen water.

Features of the Hx-600

  • The Hx-600 is perfect for two people to use at the same time. It produces pure hydrogen at at a set clinical flow-rate of 180-200 ml/min of H2 flow out of each port.
  • The Hx-600 gives double the strength to a single breather when you combine the flow from both ports into one cannula (using a hose-splitter - see picture below).
  • Up to 4 people can breathe hydrogen gas at a time if you use a hose-splitter on each port. (Note: the output will be less when you divide it into 4 flows, but is still a strong, beneficial, level for breathing).
  • You can use the HX-600 to produce hydrogen-water (up to 1200 ppb) by dropping the hose in a bottle of water for 3 or more minutes (depending on the volume of water).


  1. Only use deionized or double-distilled water in the machine (of 2 mega-ohms or higher.)
  2. Fill to between the 1600 ml and 2000 ml lines. In the future, if the water level falls below 1600 ml add more of this water to the machine.
  3. After about 3 months of regular daily use you will need to change the water in the tank. There is nothing else you should need to change.
  4. Do not operate any hydrogen gas machine near an open flame; it could set off sparks and harm the machine.
  5. If you are not going to use the machine for months, still leave water in the tank to keep the DuPont membrane moist.
  6. All HX hydrogen gas machines are able to work for up to 2 hours at a time (with a one-hour break in-between). If you try to use it more than that it may affect the life of the machine.


  1. Put a hose-line (cannula hose or other hosing) on the H2 output port(s) on the front of the machine. If there are 2 ports (as in the Hx-600), then two people can breathe at a time or one can breathe while using the other port to pump hydrogen into a bottle of water for drinking...or any such combination.
  2. Three or more cannula hoses come with the HX-300 and HX-600 Hydrogen machines. Don't run these machines without hooking up the hoses and either breathing or immersing them in water.
  3. The HX-600 Pure Water Hydrogen Generator is powerful. You can expect about 180 lpm of hydrogen to flow from each port. It is advised to breathe for only 20 minutes to one half hour at a time. How many times you breathe is up to you. We know of no bad side-effects from breathing H2 gas, period, however we wouldn't recommend you use it all the time. Just periodic uses throughout the day.
  4. The flow rate is pre-set to clinical levels for breathing and non-adjustable. All you need to do is hook up the hoses, turn on the machine and start breathing. Hydrogen starts flowing right away.
  5. Push the power button to start the hydrogen flow. When finished, push the power button again to turn the machine off.
  6. You don't have to wait for the machine to 'warm up'. Hydrogen starts flowing immediately.
  7. For your safety, the hydrogen gas produced is run through a purifier, which reduces it to 99.9999% pure hydrogen produced.

Ongoing Maintenance of the HX-600

The HX machines are very sensitive to the presence of any particulates or minerals in the water. You have to use deionized water in the tank (with a rating of 2 mega ohms or higher) to ensure it's very pure water you are using in the machine. Every so often you will need to change this water in the tank. This maintenance is necessary to keep the hydrogen port clean and the flow of hydrogen up between about 180 to 200 liters per minute.

Caution: Don't Allow the Membrane to Dry Out.

With hydrogen machines the membrane that produces the hydrogen can easily dry out if the machine is stored without using it for several months. This is why we do not stock these machines and make sure that we order newly-made hydrogen machines 'on-demand' for our customers. We apologize for the 3-week wait, but I assure you it is worth it. Note: If you ever do allow this Hydrogen machine to dry out, simply follow the instructions for a vinegar wash, below.


  • 110v
  • CE certified
  • DuPont SPE/PEM membrane made in USA / Rest of machine made in China.
  • Cannula provided
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Shipping is included.

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