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  1. User Manual For Hunter Src Irrigation System Parts

Page 22: Setting event day(s) off, Programming the controller

Hunter's lineup offers an array of user-friendly features and smart controller water-saving options built to fit any landscape irrigation system.

  • View and Download Hunter SRC Plus 600i owner's manual online. Residential/Light Commercial Irrigation Controller, 6/9-station Indoor International. SRC Plus 600i Irrigation System pdf manual download. Also for: Src plus 700i, Src plus 601i, Src plus 901i, Src plus 900i.
  • SRC Plus is a product that does the job efficiently and economically. The SRC Plus is an improved version of the original SRC Plus. Additional features and improvements include:. Non-volatile memory. More robust circuitry. One touch manual start and advance. Hunter Quick Check™. Automatic Short Circuit Protection.
  • Aug 05, 2009 How to program a hunter SRC sprinkler controller. Helpful tips for programing and changing out the hunter src. Reset a Hunter Controller - Quick Tip - Duration: 3:05. Hunter Irrigation.
  • SRC Plus Controller Has Been Replaced By PCC. The SRC was Hunter's entry-level residential controller that stopped shipping in 2011. The SRC was replaced by the PCC, a fixed-station, cost effective upgrade developed to offer the homeowner a more efficient and versatile controller solution.


proGrammING THE CoNTrollEr

User manual for hunter src irrigation system reviews

setting Event Day(s) off

The X-Core allows you to program a No Water Day(s). This feature

is useful to inhibit watering on specific day(s). For example, if you

always mow the lawn on Saturdays, you would designate Saturday

as a no Water Day so that you are not mowing wet grass.
1. Turn the dial to the WAteR DAys position.
2. Enter an interval watering schedule as described on page 19.
3. Press the

button to scroll to the no Water Days at the bottom

of the display. MO will be flashing.

4. Use the

button until the cursor is at the day of the week you

wish to set as a No Water Day.

5. Press the

button to set this day as a no water day. The will

illuminate over this day.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all desired event day(s) are off.

NoTE: you also have the option in the interval
watering schedule to program Odd or even days off.

automatic Watering

After programming the X-Core, set the dial to the RUn

position to enable automatic execution of all selected

watering programs and start times.

system off

Valves currently watering will be shut off after

the dial is turned to the systeM OFF position

for two seconds. All active programs are

discontinued and watering is stopped. To return

the controller to normal automatic operation,

simply return the dial to the RUn position.

programmable rain off

This feature permits the user to stop all

programmed waterings for a designated period

from 1 to 7 days. At the end of the programmed

rain off period, the controller will resume normal

automatic operation.
1. Turn the dial to the systeM OFF position.

Wait for OFF to be displayed.

2. Press the

button as many times as

needed to set the number of days off

(up to 7 days).

3. Turn the dial back to the RUN position at

which OFF, a number, the



will be displayed.

The days off remaining will decrease at midnight

each day. When it goes to zero, the display will

show normal time of day and normal irrigation

will resume at the next scheduled start time.





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POWER FAILURES ...................................................................................................................

Due to the possibility of power failures, the controller has non-volatile memory to preserve the program indefinitely. If no 9-volt battery is installed,

the controller will freeze time when the power goes out and resume, keeping time after power has been restored. If a battery is installed, the 9-volt

battery backup will keep time so the clock and calendar will be intact for several days.

Hunter irrigation controller manual


MONITORING SYSTEM™ (Not Included).............................................................................

With the IMMS™, automatic irrigation systems at multiple sites or multiple controllers at a single site can be programmed for functions that would

typically be handled directly at each controller. Scheduling of days to water, run times, start times, cycle and soak operations and more can now be

done from a single computer at a desk miles away from the actual installation. In addition, scheduled operation of non-irrigation components also in

use at these sites – e.g., lighting systems at athletic fields, fountains at shopping centers – as well as pumps and sensors can also be programmed

and monitored from a single central location. A key function of the IMMS is its ability to monitor changing conditions. With the aid of such options as

flow sensors, rain sensors and other weather-sensing devices, the IMMS can receive reports on the current condition at every site it is linked with and

then respond with the necessary adjustments should any of those conditions go beyond the limits that have been defined. It’s able to team with any

or all of the standard automatic controllers in the Hunter line-up, from the SRC to the Pro-C to the ICC. Plus, it’s a system that’s easy and affordable

to upgrade, making it possible to accommodate an expanding network of controllers. For more information on the IMMS software, contact your local

Hunter dealer.

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User Manual For Hunter Src Irrigation System Parts

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