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Notes on use

Using the camcorder

The camcorder is not dustproofed, dripproofed

or waterproofed. See “Precautions” (p. 47).

Do not do any of the following when the

(Movie)/ (Photo) lamps (p. 14) or

the access lamp (p. 38) are lit or flashing.

Otherwise, the recording media may be

damaged, recorded images may be lost or other

malfunctions could occur.

ejecting “Memory Stick PRO Duo” media

removing the battery pack or AC Adaptor

from the camcorder

When connecting your camcorder to another

device with a cable, be sure to insert the

connector plug in the correct way. Pushing the

plug forcibly into the terminal will damage the

terminal and may result in a malfunction of the


If you repeat recording/deleting images for

a long time, fragmentation of data occurs on

the recording media. Images cannot be saved

or recorded. In such a case, save your images

on some type of external media first, and then

perform [MEDIA FORMAT] (p. 36).

The LCD screen is manufactured using

extremely high-precision technology, so over

99.99% of the pixels are operational for effective

use. However, there may be some tiny black

points and/or bright points (white, red, blue,

or green in color) that appear constantly on the

LCD screen. These points are normal results of

the manufacturing process and do not affect the

recording in any way.

On recording

Before starting to record, test the recording

function to make sure the image and sound are

recorded without any problems.

Compensation for the contents of recordings

cannot be provided, even if recording or

playback is not possible due to a malfunction of

the camcorder, recording media, etc.

Sony handycam dcr sx40 user manual pdf

TV color systems differ depending on the

country/region. To view your recordings on a

TV, you need an NTSC system-based TV.

Television programs, films, video tapes,

and other materials may be copyrighted.

Unauthorized recording of such materials may

be contrary to the copyright laws.

To prevent your image data from being lost,

Sony Dcr Sx40 Specs

save all your recorded images on external media

periodically. It is recommended that you save

the image data on a disc such as a DVD-R using

your computer. Also, you can save your image

data using a DVD writer, VCR, or DVD/HDD


About changing the language setting

The on-screen displays in each local language

are used for illustrating the operating

procedures. Change the screen language before

using the camcorder if necessary (p. 15).

About this manual

The images of the LCD screen used in this

manual for illustration purposes are captured

using a digital still camera, and therefore may

appear different from the actual images of the

LCD screen.

In this Operating Guide, the internal memory

of the camcorder and “Memory Stick PRO Duo”

Sony Handycam Dcr Sx40 User Manual

media are called “recording media.”

In this Operating Guide, both “Memory Stick

PRO Duo” media and “Memory Stick PRO-HG

Duo” media are referred as “Memory Stick PRO

Duo” media.

You will find the “Handycam Handbook” (PDF)

on the supplied CD-ROM (p. 44).

The screenshots are from Windows Vista. The

scenes may vary depending on the operating

system of the computer.

Sony Handycam Dcr-sx40 Software

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