Simutronics Wizard Manual Download

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
StormFront Client

Simutronics Wizard Manual Download Free

StormFront, the official client of Simutronics, features significant improvements to usability, and is highly recommended for both beginning and advanced users.


StormFront Features

  • Item Links
    Work with virtually all items and common commands associated with them without typing a thing.
  • Floating Windows
    Arrange, tile, minimize and resize any game window.
  • Enhanced Macros
    Write complex macros, quickly and easily. Learn how here.
  • Enhanced Access
    Nearly all vital game elements can be access without typing, through convenient panels
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    StormFront Stand-alone download

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    For those users who wish to download the StormFront client separately, it is available below.

    StormFront Utilities

    Java Sun Manual Download

    StealthFront Skin for StormFront
    User interface skin for the StormFront FE by sidnny.

    To use: Save this files to your StormFront directory (usually located in Program Files/SIMU/StormFront). You can switch your skin by going to Options > Choose Skin in StormFront.

    Format: StormFront .SKN file
    Size: 3.1 MB
    Version: 1.0

    A small program that takes Wizard highlights and outputs an XML file that can be imported into StormFront. More information can be found here.

    Format: Windows PC .ZIP file
    Size: 15 KB
    Version: 1.0

    FixName for StormFront
    Run in your log directory, FixName will append dates to log file names using the date they were created. Download the ZIP file, extract to your logs directory, and run as needed.

    Format: Windows .ZIP file
    Size: 38 KB
    Version: 1.03