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Posted : admin On 12/21/2021

Download free maps for Prison Architect! Login Register. Prison Architect. C&C Red Alert 3 Counter-Strike Counter-Strike: Source Garry's Mod Half-Life 2. Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead 3 Minecraft StarCraft: Brood War. Prison Architect. Jul 16, 2015 I dont know if i have the rights to do this here but i did pack for you with PA + SCP Mod (game work alone). SCP Prison Architect:). It says the the download is.

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Ever wanted to run your own Nazi death camp? Well, with the Final Solution mod for Prison Architect, now you can! Build crematoriums to process dead prisoners, and hire SS Doctors to select unfit prisoners to undergo delousing during intake. Want to make life easier for the guards so they don't have to operate the cremation ovens? Then research the Sonderkommando option so your prisoners can do the dirty work instead!
# Features
* New research: Final Solution and SonderkommandoPrison
* New reform program: Sonderkommando training (allows prisoners to operate the Cremation Oven)
* New rooms: Crematorium and Gas Chamber
* New objects: Cremation Oven, Gas Nozzle, Prisoner Corpses

Best Prison Architect Mods

* New objects: SS Doctor, Prisoner Corpses
# Gameplay
* Customizable selection percentage for the SS doctor
* Prisoner Corpse objects replace dead prisoners and are taken to the Cremation Oven
* Guards and/or Sonderkommando-trained prisoners can operate the Cremation Oven, which stores up to 6 corpses at once and produces Garbage
# Notes
* For optimal gameplay (and, uh, historical accuracy), it's recommended that you build a Reception that leads to separate Holding Cell and Gas Chamber areas, and place the SS Doctor at the branch point so that he can direct new prisoners to the left or right (the decision to send a prisoner to the gas chamber is currently done randomly, with the default probability set at 50%.) Note that the SS Doctor is programmed not to move from his original position and never tires.
# Todo
* Counters for Cremation Ovens?
* More custom sprites
# Download
Steam Workshop: ... =716587141

Prison Architect Mods Free

A mod based off the SCP Foundation wiki and game SCP Containment Breach.
This mod is currently a WIP.
Any and all current assets are subject to change.
Screenshots coming not so soon!
We plan to add custom NPCs and scripts to the prisoner and guard AI, completely changing the game.
Until then, be patient, and have fun with the current version!
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New Base map for creating SCP Facilities (Steam)
New Base map for creating SCP Facilities with more money! (Steam)
Notice: The mod is now up to date.