Savoureux Pro Line Meat Grinder User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021

What are the pros and cons of electric vs manual meat grinders? Read our comparison review to figure out which one suits your meat grinding needs.

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There are many benefits to grinding your food at home. For instance, you know the quality of meat that is in the grind and won’t have to worry if stale meat is in your burger or sausage. If you hunt, like deer for example, then having a grinder at home can save you a lot of money. You can grind the whole animal at home and avoid paying extra to have someone else do it for you.

Grinding your meat can also be another way for you to impress your friends and family. Create your burger or sausage blends and brag about the fact that you made them. Hey, you might even get orders for your neighbor’s next barbecue bash.

Whatever the motivation behind your decision to buy a meat grinder, you need to figure out which one is best for you: Electric or Manual. There are many options out there for both kinds, and it would be best to narrow down your choices by choosing whether you need an electric or manual one. Read on below to see the pros and cons of manual and electric meat grinders.


  • Manual Grinders
  • Electric Meat Grinders

Manual Grinders


Let’s start with manual grinders. Here’s what we think about them:


Portability. Manual grinders will work even if you do not have an electrical outlet available. You are not tied down by the need to plug in. If you want to grind meat in the middle of a forest, you’ll be able to do it with a manual grinder. If a zombie apocalypse happens, and power is limited, you need not worry about not being able to use your meat grinder. Kidding aside, you get the point.

Affordable Options. Manual meat grinders are a lot more affordable than electric ones. There are manual meat grinders out there you can get for a tight budget.

No Added Electrical Cost. Since manual grinders do not need electricity, you’ll save on electrical charges. If you grind food every day, you do not have to worry about the grinder adding to your monthly electric bill.


No Motor Power. With manual meat grinders, you can only rely on your arm to do the job. You will not be able to grind large quantities of meat at the same rate of efficiency as an electric grinder.

Health Safety. It is always important to note that you should be careful when handling raw meat. It is not wise to have raw meat lying around in warm temperatures for a long time. Since it takes longer for you to finish a batch of meat with a manual grinder, you might have to freeze big batches of meat and take it out little by little as you go.

Strenuous. Grinding meat manually can be quite a workout, especially if you have to grind a big batch. Well, this can be a pro too if you’re into physical fitness (it’s all about positive thinking!). You’ll break a sweat and get toned arms in the process.

Electric Meat Grinders

Now to the electric ones. Here’s what we think:


Savoureux Pro Line Manual

Power. With electric meat grinders, you have motor power on your side. Depending on the horsepower or wattage, auger design and other aspects of the electric grinder, you will be able to grind more pounds per minute than a hand-cranked manual grinder. With a powerful electric grinder, you can expect to grind hundreds of pounds of meat in an hour.

Ease of Use. Plug and play. You just need to assemble your grinder, plug it and switch on. This plug and play is easier than most manual grinders that require you to bolt it to a surface first. Feeding the meat through the hopper is also easier. Most electric grinders come with a food pusher that helps in pushing the meat faster into the machine.

Savoureux Pro Line User Manual

Safer and Cleaner. Electric grinders don’t require you to use both hands. The risk of contamination is lesser when you have an electric grinder because you do not have to come in contact with the meat too often. Also, since electric grinders are faster, you would not have to worry about exposing the meat to warm temperatures for too long.


Pricier. Electric grinders are more expensive than manual meat grinders. There are cheap electric grinders, but the quality ones come with a considerable price tag.

Savoureux Proline Instruction Manual

Portability. Electric grinders require a power source. Also, some electric grinders can be quite heavy so lifting and moving it around can be more tedious.


Choosing what grinder type is best for you boils down to what you need and how much you want to spend. If you only need to grind a few pounds of meat and only on some rare occasions, then a manual meat grinder can do the job. If you grind meat frequently and in big batches, then an electric grinder is obviously the better choice.

Overall, if you can spend extra cash on an electric grinder, we would recommend it over a manual grinder because of convenience and efficiency. It saves you time in grinding meat that, in the long run, also saves you money. If you take care of your electric meat grinder, you’ll be able to use it for a very long time and will be worth the investment.