Sap Treasury Configuration And End User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
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It is the same for every other modules although here I reference it mainly for SAP HR.

1) You should understand which targeted group for the end-user training is for. Do they have any computer background or not.

2) In what way they are going to make use of the manuals supplied to them during the course of training.

  • Oct 27, 2016 The SAP Treasury Module (TRM) includes investment tracking, calculation of interest income, realized gains/losses and unrealized gains and losses, amortization of premiums and discounts, general trade information, integration to the GL and basic analytics such as total rate of return, weighted average maturity, and weighted average maturity to callable date.
  • Dec 31, 2014  SAP FI - Treasury Integration End User Training Commercial Papers - End User Training Post to accounting - TBB1 Deposit At Notice IMPORTANT NOTE Part 2 - Securities Module Securites - Basic Settings Step 3: Define Number Ranges for Security Classes Step 4: Define Condition Types Step 5: Define Condition Groups.

Jul 30, 2012  SAP FSCM Training Material 1. SAP FSCM – Financial Supply Chain Management SAP FSCM – Financial Supply Chain ManagementContact for More Information:SAP FSCM Material & SAP FSCM Training: [email protected] Number: +91 2SAP FSCM Financial Supply Chain Management 1. SAP Treasury Configuration and End User Manual.

Let us focus on how to prepare SAP user manuals:

In the client side, End Users are not permanent. If they get any better job outside they will resign and go out. Even if you train them well, again the end-user team disappears after some time. That is why implementing company( Client ) expects SAP Consultants to prepare documents which are self explanatory (even to a layman in SAP) and study themselves and use the sap easy access very comfortably.

Hence we should prepare a document which explains the following things comfortably:

A) All the buttons and Screens we have in SAP and its importance for an end-user.

B) All the transaction codes used by end user.

Sap end user training guide

C) The STEP by STEP usage methodology with screen shots and explanatory foot notes for each Transaction code.

D) Prepare a book a table and columns which should have the following information:
- S.NO.
- Transaction Codes
- Navigation path
- Use of the Code
- Expected Result
- Achieved Result
- Remarks/Any Comment

E) Highlight the common troubles during the usage of SAP by an end-user and give the solutions (ready to use).
These problems you can come across while giving the in house training for the end-users. You just place them at one place and publish it for their usage in future for any of their new joinees as an end-user.

F) Every consultant is aware that the entire Organsiational Management is with end user only. Means consultant should train the end user in entire OM.

G) We should inform the importance of info types and usage for our purposes at expert mode, PA30, PA40 etc.,

H) Each field in the international infotypes should be explained very clearly and ensure that they are comfortable with the fields of infotypes which have been configured for their company.


For example : info type 0001 Org Assignment insists about the three structures of the HR. We should explain each sub field like Emp Group, Emp Sub Group, Personnel Area and Sub Area and its importance and relevance to their company so as to understand while processing them from the end-user point of view .

When an employee is hired into the company, now the end-user in a position to understand which employee group and subgroup, Personnel Area And Sub Area etc., should allotted..

Like this whatever comes across in SAP Easy Access should be insisted through the training of end users.

Sap Treasury Configuration And End User Manual Pdf

I) Demo, exercises and solutions should be provided in the manuals.

Sap User Manual Pdf

J) Glossary of terms and expansion of Acronyms, Abbreviations should be given. Like this each consultant should focus on end user training and prepare the documents.