Samsung 4.5 Top Load Washer User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
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Why you should pass

With a washer capacity of 4.5 cu. Ft., you can quickly wash more laundry in a single load, saving you time and effort. VRT Plus™ Technology Reduces vibration 40% more than standard VRT™ for quiet washing.

During testing, we had tons of issues with load balance. On almost every cycle (even Spin Only), the WA7450 would stall out, filling and draining over and over again. We ended up waiting for two hours for a Normal cycle to finish, more than double the estimated 56 minutes. If you fill this washer to the brim with a large or bulky loads, you're going to have a bad time, which negates the point of having a massive 5.0-cu.-ft drum–this washer's real advantage over others at this price point.

When this Samsung finally did release our laundry, it was sopping wet. While the test results did show above average stain removal, the fact that the laundry was water logged means it must spend more time in the dryer. As we know, excessive exposure to high temperature (i.e. a dryer) will wear out your clothes faster.

Combine bad cycle times, using way too water for no reason, and soggy laundry, and you get a washer that is outshone by the competition.

What you buy instead

If you want a top loader that just works
We'd suggest getting the GE GTW680BSJWS. It's our top-rated top loader. At 4.6-cu.-ft., it's a little smaller, but it has great stain removal and features like Deep Fill for when you want to use more water.

Samsung Washer Manuals Online

If you want a really big washer
The LG WT7700HVA measures in at 5.7-cu.-ft, making it the largest washer we've ever tested. It also does a pretty good job of getting stains out.

Top Load Washer Costco

If you want a pole agitator
Check out the GE GTW485ASJWS if you want a washer with an old-fashion pole agitator. It's tough on laundry, but even tougher on stains.

Samsung 4.5 Top Load Washer User Manual

If you just really want a Samsung
The Samsung WA45M7050AW is better and actually a little cheaper. The 4.5-cubic-foot drum is slightly smaller, but we doubt you'll miss it. For is price, we were quite impressed with the performance.

Our take

Don't buy the Samsung WA50M7450AW. There are plenty of washers out there to chose from. Here's a convenient list of the best top loaders under $1,000.

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Samsung 4.5 Top Load Washer User Manual Online

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