Printed User's Manual For Epson Xp-830 Printer & Scanner

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
Epson Stylus C80

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I would really appreciate it if anyone can suggest a solution to a problem that I have with both my Epson printers.
1. Epson Stylus C80
2. Epson Stylus Photo R300.
Both printers have all applicable Epson updates installed.
I am running Windows XP Home on a 1.8GHz Compaq Model 6024US PC with 512MB and an 80GB internal hard drive. I have Microsoft Windows XP SP1 and all current SP1 updates installed.
I have done tests with a 1 page text document and get the following results.
After powering on my PC and either or both of these printers, I can select either of them as the default printer and initiate printing and the document prints normally. However, if I then initiate a second printing of the same document or another document, it takes over 4 minutes for this second document (and all subsequent documents) to start printing. If I have “Preview” selected on the default printer it takes over 4 minutes for the preview window to appear but will then print the document normally when I click “Print”.
This problem occurs even if, before printing the second document, I power up the other printer and select it as the default printer.
The delay also occurs if I use the “Utility” tab to do a nozzle check, clean the print heads, etc. on either printer, taking 4-5 minutes to perform each subsequent action performed after the 1st action is complete.
If I do a cold reboot, including turning off and powering up both printers, the 1st document will again print normally but all subsequent documents take over 4 minutes to print as described above.
I bought the C80 when I bought my PC about 3 years ago and I bought the R300 about 2 months ago.
Both printers performed normally after I installed the second (R300) printer. A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a clean reinstall using the Compaq “Restore” CDs that came with my PC. I do this because I do a lot of install, uninstall and reinstall of on-hand programs that I seldom use (or a new program that I want to evaluate) and install and uninstall each program as needed. Because of this, over a period of time trash accumulates in my registry and elsewhere and slows down my PC and I do a clean “Restore” on my PC in order to clean up the system and improve system performance.
After doing the “Restore” a couple of weeks ago, I reinstalled all hardware and software including both printers (including all applicable updates) and certain software that I use frequently.
Since this last “Restore”, I have had the above described problem with both printers. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software and updates for both printers, which didn‘t cure the problem. I then again did a clean “Restore” and hardware and software reinstall (including all applicable updates) as described above, which also didn’t cure the problem.
I have done everything that I can think to do without success and would appreciate any help that anyone can offer that may help me resolve this very irritating problem

Printed User's Manual For Epson Xp-830 Printer P 830 Printer Heads

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Epson Xp 830 Manual

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