Power 911 V6.1 User Manual

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While many German cars are known for their reliability and their relative sobriety, the German engineering sector is also not adverse to creating a flashy sports car every once in a while. This is the case with the Porsche brand, a sports car that is ranked up there among the best, along with Ferrari and Lamborghini in terms of dream cars that the consumer would give anything to drive. Famous in no small part for the Carrera 911, this is a marque which confers instant status on the driver, and has very high technical specifications.
Of course, the fact that a vehicle is sporty and speedy more or less guarantees that drivers will be keen to take it out and see what it can do, and is almost synonymous with a certain amount of temperament. Fine margins are required to build a good sports car, and when drivers exceed those margins there is always a risk that the vehicle will complain. It is useful to have a service manual to hand so as to be certain that the little things which go wrong with the car can be dealt with quickly and efficiently before they become big problems.

Where Do I Get A Porsche Service Manual?

Power 911 V6.1 User Manual 2016

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Porsche service manuals are available commercially from the manufacturer’s retail division or from bookshops, but you can download one from this site for free – if you wish to have multiple copies then all you need do is print off as many as you need.


Technical Service Bulletin # 93/05

Date: 050930

Power 911 V6.1 User Manual

Campaign W533 - Door Wire Harness Sealing



3/05 W533 9
Section 9, Electrical

W533 - Sealing Both Door Wire Harness Entry Points And Plenum Panel (Workshop Service Action)

Vehicle Type:
911 Carrera (997)
911 Carrera S (997)

Model Year:
2005 (5)

Moisture leakage in the connector housing of the door wire harness connection point. Water leakage in the driver's and/or passenger's footwell.


This is to inform you of a voluntary Workshop Service Action on certain 2005 model year 911 Carrera (997) and 911 Carrera S (997) vehicles. There is
the possibility of a customer complaint concerning:

Power 911 V6.1 User Manual Download


the airbag warning light in the instrument cluster may be activated.


Power 911 V6.1 User Manual Pdf

the central locking system may not function correctly.


the power windows may not function correctly.

To remedy the situation do the following:


Seal door wire harness on the driver's side.


Seal door wire harness on the passenger's side.


Seal plenum panel to vehicle interior.

Affected Vehicles:
A total of 1360 U.S. and Canadian vehicles fall within the scope of this Service Action.

Very Important!

Not every vehicle in the below listed range may be affected. Use the ranges below as a general guideline. Refer to Attachment 'A' to determine if a
particular vehicle is eligible for this service action. Alternatively, the VIN can be checked in the Porsche e-DCS/WWS for confirmation of an open
service action.

The affected Vehicle Identification Numbers are contained in the VIN Ranges shown.

Work Procedure:
See Attachment 'B'