Mr Coffee Bvmc Knx23 User Manual

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If you have the model number Mr. Coffee BVMC-EHX23 Coffee Maker. Unfortunately the PLD12-NP Decanter Assembly 10-12 Cups, is no longer available from the manufacture. And since it is no longer available, we do not have the dimensions on it.-WJA.

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Mr Coffee Bvmc Knx23 User Manual Download

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Here are some coffee maker instructions and descriptions of the features of the Mr. Coffee 12 cup programmable coffeemakers model number FTX41CP and BVMC_EHX23 (which is very similar to BVMC-SJX33GT).

Cord Slot - for easy storage in the back of the machine. Pull out as you need, replace and lock when not in use. The cord is short, as a precaution to prevent entangling and tripping over it. You can use an extension cord if necessary, but 'the marked electrical rating of the extension cord must be at least 10 amp and 120 volts,' according to the coffeemaker instructions manual.

Water Reservoir Window - It has marked level indicators and lets you know how much water you added to the reservoir. Don't fill it up to the top, as it has holes allowing the water to leak out. The FTX41cp 12 cup coffee machine has dual water level windows, as noted above.

Clock -(digital on the BVMC) - shows the time.

Minutes and Hour Button - press them to set the time, as well as to program the coffee maker to start brewing automatically at a give time.

Fresh Brew Timer - allows you see how long your coffee has been waiting for you since completion of the brew.

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Mr. Coffee FTX41CP 12 cup coffee maker instructions video

Mr. Coffee BVMC_EHX23 12 cup coffee maker instructions video

Set Delay - this button activates the programmable timer feature to program the coffee machine to brew at a certain time. Press this button to set the brew time. The Delay Brew light will start to flash. While flashing, press the Hour & Minute buttons to set the exact hour and minutes when you would like the coffee machine to start brewing the coffee. You can set it, for example, to brew at a certain time in the morning, so that you have freshly brewed coffee waiting for you at wake cup time. Also, when you press this Set Delay button, it will display the pre-set time for the brew.

Strength Selector - this button allow you to choose either Regular strength (press right side of the button), or Strong (press left side of the button), which will take longer and allow more extraction of the coffee grounds (other similar models, as well as the FTX41cp 12 cup coffee machine, have separate buttons for strong and regular).

Select - - this turns the coffee maker on and off. The Brew Now green light to the right of the Select button indicates that the machine is now brewing the coffee (it will turn on automatically when starting to brew at a specified pre-set time). Also, press the Select button twice in order to activate the Delay Brew feature to program the timer to brew at a time other than was set before; the Delay Brew amber light to the left of the Select button will start to flash, and you can then press the Hour & Minute buttons to program the automatic timer. When you press the Delay Brew button to set a brew-time, the Regular Strength green light to the right of the Brew Strength button will turn on. You can now press the Brew Strength button to switch to Strong (left side of the button) if you wish.

Mr Coffee Bvmc Knx23 User Manual

Controls of the Mr Coffee 12 cup coffee machine model # BVMC_EHX23

FTX41CP Controls

Warming Plate - to keep your coffee hot. When the brew is done, you'll hear the coffee machine beeps 3 times indicating that your coffee is ready to drink. The machine will remain on for 2 hours and keep heating the coffee. The coffeemaker features an Automatic Shutting Off feature, so that it will shut off automatically after two hours. Note that coffee may not taste best when heated.

Basket-Filterholder - My FTX41cp 12 cup coffee machine came with an included permanent filter. The coffee machine uses a 12 Cup Basket-Style Filter. You can use either a paper filter or a permanent Mr Coffee filter. (Read about permanent reusable coffee filters here.) The filter sits in the removable plastic filter holder. You'll need to adjust the filter holder to sit well in place in order for the machine to work properly and prevent the grounds and water from overflowing.

Shower Head - The coffeemaker features a Shower Head with multiple holes that sprinkles the water that is drawn from the reservoir for more even distribution of the water and extraction of the coffee flavors. Turn the Shower Head over the filter before closing the lid. (The FTX41cp integrates the shower head with the lid, so there's no need for turning and no interference of the shower head with closing the lid.)

Water Filter - included with the FTX41cp, and according to Mr.Coffee, the water filtration filter filters out most of the chlorine from the water, as I pointed out above. This model also includes a red Clean button, as mentioned.

The BVMC_EHX23 coffee maker's Shower Head sprinkles water more evenly over the grounds in the filter and is said to ensure more extraction of the coffee flavors.

The FTX41cp has a different shower head that is part of the lid

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