Mm Return To Vendor User Manual In Sap

Posted : admin On 12/20/2021

Hi everyone, I'm trying to do return to vendor purchase order for one material and when I check if every thing is O.K. I get this 2 messages in yellow: 1- Vendor 10523 not maintained as customer for sales area 1000/90/00 2- No shipping data could be found for item 00010 When I save the P.O. Nov 12, 2015 Sap mm-end-user-manual. This tab will come only if material is managed in batches. Proceed with the following steps if material is batch managed only. Batch Batch number R Enter batch number as date for batch managed materials Vendor batch Vendor batch O Enter vendor batch number for reference 7.

In this tutorial, we will learn to Post Purchase Return in SAP

Step 1) Enter the transaction code FB65 in the Command Field

Step 2) In the next screen, Enter the Company Code for which document is to be posted

Step 3) In the Basic Data tab , Enter the Following data

Sap Return To Vendor Flow

  1. Enter the Vendor ID of the Vendor to be issued the credit memo
  2. Enter the Document Date
  3. Enter the Amount to be credited
  4. Enter the tax code used in the original invoice
  5. Check the Calculate Tax check box

Mm Return To Vendor User Manual In Sap System

Step 4) In the Item details section, Enter the following data

Vendor Returns Sap Mm

  1. Enter the Purchase Account for the Original Invoice was posted
  2. Enter the Amount to be debited
  3. Select Credit
  4. check the Tax code

Step 5) Check the status of the document

Step 6) Press Post button from the Standard Toolbar

Step 7) Check the status bar for the document number to be generated


You have successfully posted a Vendor credit memo for the Purchase Return