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Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
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American classic commander for sale

American Classic Commander For Sale

Apr 01, 2015  Eagle Imports took on Metro Arms after Llama went out of business. They originally transferred the Firestorm name to Metro Arms products, but they soon changed the brand name to American Classic. Details The American Classic Commander is available in.45 ACP and 9mm Parabellum. Finish choices are blued, hard chrome, and duo-tone. We’re proud to bring these exciting brands to America – Bersa, American Classic, MAC, SPS, Llama, Grand Power, and Comanche. Each with their own story to tell. So be adventurous. Experience all that Eagle Imports has to offer. Because, like you, we’re Beyond Mainstream. Eagle Imports Carries Products for Every Shooter.

Metro American Classic Commander User Manual Pdf

In early January, 2015 I acquired a 1911 all steel Commander that was made in
the Philippians by a company called 'Metro Arms.' Pre-purchase research found
about half of the new owners didn't like the gun and about half thought it was
a great gun.
My new gun was a 'Jam-a-matic' at first and I began to agree with those who
thought the American Classic Commander was less than advertised. I didn't have
much time to shoot the weapon to break it in, but I have finally reached 500
rounds through the weapon and I have come to a conclusion. The gun is better
than a lot of people thought, including me. The problem all along has been with
the magazine. The one that came with the gun really looks good, but doesn't
work as well as it should. The magazine I found that works without fail every
time is one of two 1911 magazines that I purchased with a Colt 1911 A1 in 1970.
I sold that Colt in 1976 but kept one of the magazines which has been lying
around in my gun safe since then. That Colt magazine works perfectly.
No problems of any kind.
So, if you have an American Classic Commander 1911 and have trouble with it,
get yourself a Colt magazine or as was recommended to me a Wilson Combat
magazine. I haven't tried a Wilson magazine yet. The price is a lot higher
than the Colt magazines that are available.
I found I can use the 8 round mag that came with the gun if I only load 7
rounds in it.
Your mileage may vary...Good Luck!