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Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
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Apex Legends players have found clues that may have revealed the identity of the next new Legend to be released in the game.

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The highly anticipated second season of Apex Legends will be releasing soon, and is set to include a lot of new content for the popular battle royale.

One of the major pieces of new content will be the next Legend, Wattson, who will have some pretty exciting new abilities at her disposal.

List of magic users

However, Wattson may not be the only new Legend that makes its debut in Season 2, as recent clues that have popped up point to a possible second playable hero added as well.

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The new Legend is believed to be named Crypto, a character about whom nothing is really known about at this point except for his appearance.

Crypto could be another brand new Legend added in Apex Legends Season 2.
List of magic users

Recently, Reddit user FrozenFroh posted an in-depth breakdown of what he suspects will be an in-game event that will launch the start of Season 2.

In his post, the which he believes will play a role in said in-game event.

He then goes on to substantiate his theory with screenshots taken from official trailers and other pieces of game art that he believes are strong suggestions and clues that some sort of major change is coming to the map, and that Crypto will play a role in it.

Legends Of Might And Magic Download

According to FrozenFroh:

  • Crypto is the Korean guy from Pathfinder's background art
  • His sword is in the S2 Logo
  • Hiss Sonar ability.

FrozenFroh believes that this character will JAM the Repulsor, which will cause a flood, and much more, in Season 2.

FrozenFroh followed his post up with another one on June 21, yet again presenting what he believes are clues that Crypto will indeed have some role to play at the start and possibly even during Season 2.


Another Apex Legend expert, YouTuber Staycation, presenting his take on thes Canyon.

Types Of Magic Users

The leaked list of upcoming Legends includes the confirmed Wattson and Crypto.

Crypto can also be seen on a poster that's hanging in the background of poster art for the Pathfinder. Although the robotic character is very much the central focus of the image, the mysterious new Legend's presence can clearly be seen on the top left corner of the art.

List Of Magic Users

It's worth noting that this artwork has been used by Respawn Entertainment in official capacity, which would likely not have happened if Crypto was nothing more than just a rumor.

Crypto can be seen on the top left corner of this Pathfinder game art.

While all of this information points to Respawn possibly surprising their fan-base with the introduction of not one but two brand new Legends in Season 2, it must all be taken with a grain of salt, since nothing has been officially confirmed or announced.

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Even if Crypto is not released as a playable character during the second season, considering that there is a lot more info out there about him than any other unreleased Legend, it could be that Respawn have him lined up for Season 3.