Jbl Cinema Sb 350 User Manual

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IMPORTANT: Make sure that the subwoofer’s rear panel
is at least 150 mm or 6 away from the wall to allow
You may place wireless subwoofer in the positions as represented in the above
• Placing it in a corner that is position (1) will maximize the amount of bass

6 www.jbl.com 7 English JBL CINEMA SB350 SouNdBAr rEAr PANEL CoNTroLS ANd CoNNECTIoNS (Software update only) HDMI TV (ARC) Power Aux-in Optical Input AC Remove Caps Power Switch: The power switch turns the JBL Cinema SB350 On /OFF.

in the room. However, corner placement can also increase the destructive
effect of the standing waves on bass performance. This effect can vary
  • Page 3: Jbl Cinema Sb350 Top Panel Controls Press this button to initiate wireless pairing between the NoTE: JBL CINEMA SB350’s Bluetooth device name is when the JBL Cinema SB350 detects an audio signal on the input it was on subwoofer and the soundbar.
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depending on the listening position – some listening positions may yield very
good results while others may have too much (or too little) bass at certain
• Placing the subwoofer along the same plane as the soundbase – position
(2) – can produce the best integration between the sound of the subwoofer
and the soundbase. In some rooms, the best performance can be resulted
by placing the subwoofer behind the listening position (3).
You can experiment with subwoofer placement by temporarily placing the
subwoofer in the listening position and playing music with strong bass content.
Move it to various locations in the room while the system is playing until you
determine where the location of the best bass performance occurs. Place the
Manually: First, make certain that the rear panel power switch is turned
ON. Then, short press the JBL CINEMA SB250’s Power button either on the
soundbar or the remote. To put the JBL CINEMA SB250 into Standby manually,
short press the Power button either on the soundbar or the remote again.
Auto turn-off: The JBL CINEMA SB250 will automatically enter
into Standby mode if no audio signal is detected at any of its source input
Auto turn-on: The JBL CINEMA SB250 has a signal detector that
automatically turns the unit ON when it senses an audio signal from paired
Bluetooth source. The auto turn-on mode gets activated for analog or optical
inputs only when the JBL CINEMA SB250 detects an audio signal on the input it
NOTE: If the JBL CINEMA SB250 is put in standby using the
power button, this will deactivate the auto turn-on feature on
Turning the subwoofer ON and OFF
Once the subwoofer and soundbar have been paired (see Pairing the Units for
Wireless Operation, below) the subwoofer will turn on when the soundbar turns
on and will remain on for approximately one minute after the soundbar enters
the Standby mode, or for approximately 10 minutes after the audio signal
Pairing the Subwoofer to the soundbar
Press the pairing button on subwoofer for more than
Standby Mode
After turning the soundbar and subwoofer on for the first time, you will need to
“pair” them both so they’ll both operate at the same wireless frequency. To pair
the units, press the Wireless Pairing switches on both units within 30 seconds
of each other. The units will communicate with each other and operate at the
NOTE: The maximum wireless operating distance between
50 feet (15.3m).
Pairing mode
Device connected
To wirelessly stream audio to the soundbar from a Bluetooth-enabled device:
1. Confirm that the JBL CINEMA SB250 is in the Bluetooth pairing mode (the

Jbl Charge User Manual

Bluetooth button LED will be flashing blue). If the LED is not flashing blue,
press and hold the Bluetooth button until its LED starts flashing blue.
2. Place your Bluetooth-streaming device in pairing mode.
3. Use your device’s Bluetooth-pairing menu to pair it with the JBL CINEMA
SB250. The system will appear as “CINEMA SB250” in the list of Bluetooth
available devices. When the JBL CINEMA SB250’s Bluetooth button LED

Jbl Cinema Sb350 User Manual

illuminates constantly, it is paired with your device and you can stream audio
via Bluetooth from the device to the JBL CINEMA SB250.
To listen to audio from the Bluetooth device, press the Bluetooth source button

Jbl Cinema Sb 350 User Manual Pdf

on the JBL CINEMA SB250 or remote to activate the source. If the JBL CINEMA
SB250 is in Standby mode, you can automatically wake up the system by
starting to stream an audio Bluetooth signal to the JBL CINEMA SB250 as long
as your device has already been paired with the JBL CINEMA SB250.
To disconnect the Bluetooth device, press and hold the JBL CINEMA SB250’s
• You can manually switch sources to the paired Bluetooth device by pressing
• If you switch the JBL CINEMA SB250 to a different source while a paired
Bluetooth device is streaming to the system, the JBL CINEMA SB250 will

Jbl Cinema Sb350 Setup

send a STOP command and the Bluetooth device will stop streaming.