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Post Library for Fusion 360 and Autodesk HSM. Inventor HSM, Inventor HSM Express, and Fusion 360, and while we try to make the posts work on most CNCs out of the box, there are many factors that can cause a post to not be compatible with your particular setup. When you use a new post make sure to test it.

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Language support: English, Russian
Autodesk Inventor – contains a full set of flexible tools for machine-building 3D-design, product analysis, tooling, custom design and project data exchange. Inventor helps you to go beyond 3D using digital prototyping technology, based on a highly accurate 3D model that allows you to design, visualize and analyze products before the first sample is manufactured. The technology of digital prototypes, implemented in Inventor, provides an opportunity to improve the quality of products, reduce development costs and accelerate the introduction to the market.
Engineering 3D-designing
Compatible with DWG format
Designing of large products, plastic parts and sheet material
Visualization of projects and production documentation
Automation of design
Embedded capabilities of engineering calculations and finite element analysis (FEM)
Designing of cable systems and pipelines
Design of injection molds and tooling
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March 2, 2018

Autodesk Inventor 2019 Readme - Autodesk, Inc.

This readme contains important information regarding the installation and contents of Inventor 2019.


New Feature and Feature Enhancement Summary

    This release marks a continued focus on improved performance, automation and core modeling workflows that enable professional-grade mechanical engineering design. Inventor 2019 also connects to the Autodesk cloud to unlock collaboration, design and supply chain user workflows.

  • Autodesk Inventor 2019 supports Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit. For more information, please refer to System requirements for Autodesk Inventor products.
  • Windows 7 SP1 requires MS KB update (4019990). If not already present on the machine and/or if MS Updates are disabled, this KB update will need to be applied prior to installing Inventor.
  • If you download the source files to a local folder with a name that contains non-English characters, ensure that the language in Regional Settings is consistent with the language name of the local folder.
  • Make sure the Inventor install path does not contain double-byte characters when installing Inventor on a single-byte operating system.
  • Installation is sometimes slow due to Microsoft security update KB2918614. If so, the installation will require 2-3 hours to complete. For more information, please refer to Microsoft support page.
  • If you are using Windows 7 on a 64-bit system, please verify that you have the Microsoft fix for user mode callback exceptions KB976038. This fix ensures that Autodesk receives the correct data from Inventor error reports. For more information, and access to this fix and related Microsoft downloads, see Autodesk Technical Solution 15492718.
  • A Warning 1946 dialog may be seen during installation. This is a benign Microsoft warning and can be safely ignored. Simply click OK on the dialog.
  • If the installer prevents you from installing one or more products, pause the cursor over the red 'prohibited' circle beside the product name for more information.
  • Autodesk Vault Basic 2019 is delivered as a separate installer. Customers who use Vault Basic may download both the Basic Client and Basic Server from Autodesk Account. For more information, see
  • Please uninstall all Autodesk Inventor 2019 Beta components and products before installing Autodesk Inventor 2019. If you do not do this and see “Error 2711”, it is due to the Beta Autodesk Revit Interoperability component not being installed. To resolve this, Click OK to continue to finish installation, then uninstall “Autodesk Revit Interoperability for Inventor 2019” through Add/Remove Programs; then reinstall Revit Interoperability by relaunching the Inventor 2019 Setup.exe.
  • If .Net version is not updated to .Net4.7 before installing Inventor 2019 on Windows 8.1, please Reboot OS to update .Net version after installing Inventor 2019 to ensure Inventor 2019 works well.

    AliasV10 or later
    CATIA V4All Revisions
    CATIA V5R6 - V5-6R2017R10 - V5-6R2017
    Creo Parametric1.0; 2.0; 3.0; 4.0
    DWF/DWFx6.0 – 7.57.5
    DWGAll RevisionsR2000; R2004; R2007; R2010; R2013; R2018
    IDF2.0; 3.0
    IFCIFC 2x3
    IGESAll Revisions5.3
    JTUp to 10.2Up to 10.2
    NXUnigraphics V13 - NX 11
    ParasolidUp to 309 - 30
    Pro/ENGINEERUp to Wildfire 5.0
    Pro/ENGINEER GraniteUp to 101.0 - 10
    Pro/ENGINEER NeutralN/AN/A
    RhinoUp to 5.0
    RVTUp to R2019
    SATUp to 7.07.0
    SolidEdgeV18 - V20; ST1 - ST10
    SolidWorks2001 Plus – 2018
    STEPAP214, AP203E2, AP242AP214, AP203E2, AP242
    SMTUp to ASM224ASM224

Summary of Fixed Issues


    • Improved stability when adding parts to a folder using the API. (INVGEN-834)
    • Inventor SDK Drawing Tools Alpha Sort Sheets function now work in Inventor 2019. (INVGEN-3529)
    • Fixed issue with OnFileInsertNewDialog event not creating requested file type. (INVGEN-11783)

    Application Functionality

    • Improved stability when switching between Material and Appearance and entering 'r', 'y', 's' in the quick access tool. (INVGEN-2458)
    • Corrected issue with the Appearance of derived parts not displaying correctly with the online viewer. (INVGEN-2670)
    • Corrected issue with Non-ASCII help searches. (INVGEN-4219)
    • Corrected issue with adjusting a bolt length, after rotating a model with Free Orbit from the Navigation bar. (INVGEN-4511)
    • Fixed the Inventor Reset Ribbon GDI leak problem. (INVGEN-4812)
    • Fixed an issue in the new file dialog caused by changing the template file path from lowercase to uppercase or vice versa. (INVGEN-5096)
    • Text in an iPart table no longer incorrectly erases when new text is inserted/added in front of it. (INVGEN-6534)
    • Resolved issue with using F2 and the Up/ Down arrow key to rename and move between constraint browser nodes. (INVGEN-7620)
    • Options now import correctly using the command line option /importoptions. (INVGEN-8438)
    • *.xlsm now works as a source of linked parameters when the LibXL environment variable is set. (INVGEN-8477)
    • Shortcuts, such as S for Sketch, M for Measure, etc., now function correctly. (INVGEN-8483)
    • Improved stability when updating a spreadsheet with linked parameters. (INVGEN-8974)
    • Improved stability when updating and saving a part that has been updated in the 3D print environment. (INVGEN-9929)
    • Improved stability when saving a file after closing the Parameters dialog. (INVGEN-10932)
    • Resolved issue with selected geometry not highlighting in the browser. (INVGEN-11297)
    • Constraints and origin browser nodes no longer disappear after reordering the assembly component. (INVGEN-11308)
    • Resolved issue with entering text in the Electrical Catalog Browser search bar. (INVGEN-11743)
    • Resolved issue with deployed custom Application Options settings not being distributed to all users. (INVGEN-11905)

    Assembly Modeling

    • Improvements made in the detection of small interferences in the Interference Analysis command. (INVGEN-937)
    • Corrected the issues with feature driven pattern recognition. (INVGEN-1182)
    • Improved stability when changing the iProperties->Occurrence->Appearance of a part under subassembly. (INVGEN-3022)
    • Improved stability when creating Infer iMates and Create Composite iMates is enabled. (INVGEN-4292)
    • Graphics now update as expected when working with drive constraints. (INVGEN-5807)
    • Improved stability when deleting a feature or component in a Frame Generator file. (INVGEN-5808)
    • Improved stability when editing a constraint in the assembly environment. (INVGEN-7260)
    • Joints are now created correctly when you have Defer update enabled. (INVGEN-7605)
    • Changes to geometry no longer break weldments. (INVGEN-7991)
    • Improved stability of weldments that have changes that cause welds to become sick. (INVGEN-8487)
    • Resolved issue with editing cells when the BOM column sort field is enabled. (INVGEN-8908)
    • Resolved issue that prevented inferring iMates on an elliptical edge. (INVGEN-9805)
    • ‘Select other’ no longer causes issues when selecting geometries using ‘Select other’. (INVGEN-10495)
    • Improved performance with the Microsoft Windows 10 Update 1709 operating system. (INVGEN-10760)
    • Improved performance when saving a file with many Component Patterns. (INVGEN-11257)
    • Improved stability when placing components into an assembly. (INVGEN-11865)

    Communication and Interoperability

    • Geometry no longer goes missing when exporting a STEP file. (INVGEN-4663)
    • Geometry no longer goes missing when exporting IDW to AutoCAD DWG. (INVGEN-5824)
    • Resolved export issue when exporting an Inventor drawing to an AutoCAD DWG file. (INVGEN-6555)
    • Performance is improved when exporting a PDF file that contains a large DWG underlay file. (INVGEN-8296)
    • Improved stability of DWG export. (INVGEN-8983)
    • Resolved export issue when exporting work planes from sub-assemblies. (INVGEN-9490)
    • You can now import STEP, STP, and STE files with references from Task Scheduler. (INVGEN-11090)

    Connected Design

    • Fixed an issue caused by a Connected Design configuration error. (INVGEN-7555)

    Content Center

    • A new Content Center cache mechanism is implemented and improves the performance of opening Content Center libraries from a remote Vault server. (INVGEN-7142)
    • Improved stability when publishing iParts. (INVGEN-9763)
    • Improved stability when closing multiple documents. (INVGEN-11056)
    • Content Center search issue in operating systems that use a comma as decimal separator (GERMAN, CZECH operating system) is resolved. (INVGEN-11754)

    Design Accelerator

    • Resolved issue with lightning bolts incorrectly displaying on bolted connections. (INVGEN-4301)
    • Resolved issue with the material assigned to a component being replaced with a different material when editing a Bolted connection. (INVGEN-7681)

    Drawing Manager

    • Small detail views no longer change location when placing a detail view. (INVGEN-1907)
    • Improved stability when aligning balloons with Horizontal Offset enabled. (INVGEN-2692)
    • Resolved issue with selecting an edge of a thin part in a Raster View in a drawing. (INVGEN-3124)
    • Improved stability when inserting AutoCAD blocks to an empty sheet. (INVGEN-3417)
    • Projected drawing views are no longer migrated incorrectly from 2017 to 2018. (INVGEN-4523)
    • Parts set to invisible no longer display in the drawing view. (INVGEN-4542)
    • Corrected issue with QTY being substituted with Item QTY in a Parts List exported to Excel or Access. (INVGEN-4644)
    • Corrected issue with content in a hole table displaying incorrect information when editing the content in the child of split table. (INVGEN-4757)
    • Improved stability when deleting sheets in a drawing. (INVGEN-4795)
    • Corrected issue with projected views failing to update when placing a break on the base view. (INVGEN-6427)
    • Corrected issue with center marks failing to extend across an arc. (INVGEN-6544)
    • Corrected issue with preview when placing a view of a part with sketches. (INVGEN-7540)
    • Improved stability when using the Half Section View and creating a new window. (INVGEN-8550)
    • Improved stability when closing a drawing document in the Vault environment. (INVGEN-8591)
    • Improved stability when updating the image in a title block. (INVGEN-8699)
    • Improved stability after renaming an edited style. (INVGEN-8987)
    • Corrected issue with a weld hatch failing to display the hatch material assigned to it. (INVGEN-9057)
    • Corrected issue with curved tubes on a drawing with tangent edges failing to display. (INVGEN-9443)
    • Improved stability when dragging a sketch symbol out of a folder in the browser. (INVGEN-10676)
    • Improved stability when replacing iParts in an assembly and then navigating back to the drawing. (INVGEN-11339)
    • Corrected issue with units displaying in welding symbols. (INVGEN-11444)
    • Corrected issue with the Margin setting not functioning correctly. (INVGEN-11840)

    Enhanced Visualization

    • Improved stability when working in the drawing environment; such as close drawing, and copy and paste between drawing files. (INVGEN-2033)

    Frame Generator

    • Curved frames no longer generate redundant split features after Rebuild. (INVGEN-4634)

Autodesk Inventor Hsm 2019


    • Support provided for parameter equations: acosh(), asinh() and atanh(). (INVGEN-6339)
    • Corrected issue with Parts list static value failing to stay when saving. (INVGEN-10486)
    • Corrected issue with word wrap not displaying correctly when printing iLogic code. (INVGEN-11580)

    Part Modeling

    • Improved stability with the sweep command. (INVGEN-4792)
    • Corrected issue with the part origin not being projected in a sketch when the Application Options setting, Auto project part origin on sketch create, is enabled. (INVGEN-8823)
    • Improved stability when the pasting a feature into the model browser. (INVGEN-8903)
    • Corrected issue with values entered into the mini toolbar value when Preview is enabled for Fillet, Chamfer, Hole, Shell, or Revolve command. (INVGEN-10259)

Inventor Hsm 2019 Tutorial Pdf


    • Improved performance of the tweak command when creating a tweak for a large assembly. (INVGEN-10548)

    Sheet Metal

    • Improved stability when deleting a fold in Sheet Metal. (INVGEN-1156)
    • Improved stability when editing a patterned feature in Sheet Metal. (INVGEN-4083)
    • Improved stability when creating a rip. (INVGEN-7874)
    • Improve stability when refolding a contour roll. (INVGEN-8600)
    • Corrected issue with Cut Normal causing corruption of a constraint. (INVGEN-9538)
    • Improved Flange tagging scheme. (INVGEN-10160)
    • Improved stability when modifying Hole sketch in Sheet Metal. (INVGEN-12048)


    • Promote Shape now supports naming .ipt files with non-ASCI characters. (INVGEN-3471)
    • Corrected issue with French language packs crashing. (INVGEN-12324)
    • Improved stability when highlighting a 3D contact browser node. (INVGEN-12545)


    • Improved stability of the Offset command in the sketch environment. (INVGEN-1289)
    • Corrected the issue with an unexpected failure when using Sketch.CopyContentsTo. (INVGEN-4491)
    • Corrected issue with adding a dimension to a fixed geometry. (INVGEN-8064)
    • Corrected issue with a 2d fixed arc moving unexpectedly when adding a tangent constraint. (INVGEN-10772)
    • Improved stability when deleting sketch geometry in a block. (INVGEN-11087)
    • Improved stability when dragging a pasted 3d sketch. (INVGEN-11858)
    • Improved stability when working in the sketch environment. (INVGEN-12094)
    • Corrected the copy and paste issue when editing a sketch pattern. (INVGEN-12496)

    Application Functionality

    • Shortcut keys may not work with the right-click context menu commands and mouse may not function correctly. The workaround is to enable the Use Classic Context Menu option on the Marking Menu tab in the Customize dialog. (INVGEN-10923)
    • Inventor unexpectedly exits when closing the error dialog after clicking Ok to execute a feature command from the Mini-Toolbar. The workaround is to turn off the Mini-Toolbar from the View tab > User Interface dropdown list. (INVGEN-12633)
    • A context menu may disappear if you click on an item that has a second level menu. The workaround is to enable the Use Classic Context Menu option on the Marking Menu tab in the Customize dialog. (INVGEN-12772)
    • The context menu Marking Menu option performance is extremely slow on a virtual machine. The workaround is to enable the Use Classic Context Menu option on the Marking Menu tab in the Customize dialog and turn off the Mini-Toolbar from the View tab > User Interface dropdown list. (INVGEN-12808)
    • Inventor unexpectedly exits when placing Content Center features into an assembly part when the part is open. (INVGEN-12993)
    • The Vault browser may disappear in the Drawing environment when closing the referenced assembly from the bottom document tab’s context menu. (INVGEN-13145)

    Communication and Interoperability

    • The property values may be incorrect when importing files from older versions of PTC Wildfire and Creo. (INVGEN-7075)
    • Invisible annotations from a part or sub-assembly may be exported as visible even when the 'Component 3D Annotations' option is selected in the top assembly. (INVGEN-9536)
    • The location of text changes after exporting a drawing with sketch text that contains multiple fonts to AutoCAD DWG. (INVGEN-11035)

    Drawing Manager

    • Hatch pattern edit dialog occasionally disappears when selecting multiple regions. (INVGEN-12417)

    Inventor Studio

    • An animation video rendered with a high quality setting in Inventor Studio may not be able to play. (INVGEN-11911)
    • Inventor displays “Inventor has stopped working” error upon closing Inventor after using Undo and Redo immediately after exiting the Studio Environment. (INVGEN-12234)

    Model Based Definition

    • A promoted 3D annotation from Linear Diameter may not retrieve correctly. The workaround is to retrieve the linear dimension instead of the promoted 3D annotation. (INVGEN-10662)
    • Exporting a file to STEP 242 with the context menu option Camera > Autosave Camera not selected may result in the scene being disconnected from the model in the exported file. (INVGEN-13029)
    • Exporting a file with annotations to STEP 242 with the context menu option Camera > Autosave Camera not selected may cause the annotations to be flipped in the exported file. (INVGEN-13030)
    • Exporting a part file with Isometric/Front/Top/Right design views to STEP 242, may result in the creation of duplicate design views with suffix 1 in the exported file. (INVGEN-13031)
    • Weldment symbols may export to DWF as visible, even when Object Visibility is turned off. (INVGEN-13033)

Inventor Hsm 2019

    Mold Design

    • Inventor assembly files with mold design data may take several minutes to open on computers with Window 10 Version 1709 operating system. (INVGEN-12164)


    • Chinese and Japanese IDW files can’t be rendered on the Fusion Team connected drive. (INVGEN-2358)
    • Files on the connected drives can’t be opened from Inventor Home when you are signed out of your Autodesk account. (INVGEN-12370)
    • Inventor may freeze when switching quickly between a local and a connected drive folder in the Open dialog box. (INVGEN-13058)
    • Solidworks files that are referenced in an Inventor file on a connected drive may fail to update on the connected drive when a new version is created on the local drive. The workaround is to re-import the reference into a new document. (INVGEN-13253)

Inventor Hsm 2019 User Manual Pdf File

    Shared View

    • The Self Illumination appearance in a shared view model displays as white in the Autodesk Viewer. (INVGEN-6527)
    • A shared view with an Appearance with Cutouts does not render correctly in the Autodesk Viewer. (INVGEN-7996)
    • A shared view of a drawing file containing a Nailboard or Connector View can’t be created. (INVGEN-11328)
    • External references in a drawing (. idw) file with external references might not upload to the Autodesk Viewer when creating a shared view. Use AutoCAD to create shared views of drawing files with external references. (INVGEN-11514)
    • Shared View always uses the Master Level of Detail configuration for sharing. (INVGEN-12040)

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Inventor Hsm 2019 User Manual Pdf Download

    We thank all our customers who identified these issues and reported them to us. These reports give us the opportunity to improve the product and provide you with the best solution in mechanical design. We also thank you for your continued business and for the feedback regarding the content of this update release.


    Autodesk Inventor Product Team

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