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  • HP Pavilion g7-2017us Notebook PC. HP Notebook Reference Guide - Windows Vista and Windows 7 (English) HP Pavilion g4 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide (English) HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC - Maintenance and Service Guide (English).
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Table of contents
  • Starting right
  • Getting to know your computer
    • Top
  • Connecting to a network
    • Connecting to a wireless network
      • Using the wireless controls
      • Using a WLAN
    • Connecting to a wired network
  • Enjoying entertainment features
    • Using audio
    • Using video
      • Connecting an HDMI TV or monitor
  • Using the keyboard and pointing devices
    • Using the keyboard
      • Using the keypad
    • Using the TouchPad
      • Using TouchPad gestures
  • Managing power
    • Using Sleep or Hibernation
    • Running on battery power
  • Managing and sharing information
    • Using a USB device
    • Using optical drives
  • Maintaining your computer
    • Improving performance
    • Cleaning your computer
  • Securing your computer and information
    • Using passwords
    • Using Internet security software
    • Installing software updates
  • Using Setup Utility (BIOS) and System Diagnostics
    • Updating the BIOS
  • Backing up, restoring, and recovering
    • Creating backups
      • Creating recovery media to recover the original system
        • What you need to know
      • Creating system restore points
      • Backing up system and personal information
    • Restore and recovery
      • Restoring specific files
      • Recovering the original system using HP Recovery Manager
        • Recovering using the recovery media
  • Specifications
  • Troubleshooting and support
    • Troubleshooting
      • Wireless connection problems
      • Power management problems
        • Resolving a low battery level
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In this guide I describe and demonstrate how to disassemble a HP Pavilion g7 series laptop.

My goal is to remove the motherboard and access the cooling fan which is mounted under the motherboard.

Make sure the computer is turned off before you start taking it apart.


Unlock and remove the battery.


Unscrew two screws securing the service cover on the bottom.

Lift up and remove the service cover.

Under the service cover you can access both memory modules, wireless card (removing in step 18) and hard drive.


Disconnect the hard drive cable from the motherboard. Pull it up by the black belt attached to the connector.


Remove the hard drive. As you see, the hard drive cable still attached to the hard drive.


Remove one screw securing the optical drive. Slide the optical drive to the left and remove it.


Remove one screw securing the keyboard on the bottom.


There are a few hidden latches securing the keyboard to the top cover.

In order to remove the keyboard it’s necessary to unlock these latches.


Push on the latch with a small flat head screwdriver.

At the same time lift up the keyboard a little bit so the latch stays unlocked.

Do the same with all latches.


After all hidden latches unlocked, you should be able to lift up the top side of the keyboard.

Turn the keyboard upside down and place it on the palm rest.

STEP 10.

Now you can access the keyboard cable which is connected to the motherboard.

In the following two steps I explain how to unlock the connector and release the cable.

STEP 11.

Lift up the left side of the retaining tab with your fingernail.

The retaining tab will open up at a 90 degree angle.

STEP 12.

On this picture the connector shown in the unlocked position.

Now you can pull the keyboard cable from the connector.

STEP 13.

Remove the keyboard.

If you are reading this guide in order to replace the keyboard, you can install a new keyboard at this point and assemble everything back together.

STEP 14.

Remove all screws from the bottom.

STEP 15.

Disconnect the power button board cable and trackpad cables from the motherboard.

Use the same technique as for disconnecting the keyboard cable.

Lift up the cable retaining tab with your fingernail.

Pull the cable from the connector.

Hp pavilion g7-2017us user manual free

STEP 16.

Start separating the top cover (palm rest) assembly from the bottom case.

You can use a guitar pick for that.

STEP 17.

Remove the top cover assembly.

Here’s a picture of the bottom side of the top cover.

Here you can access the power button board, trackpad and trackpad button board.

After the top cover is removed you are ready for the motherboard removal.

But before you start, it’s necessary to disconnect and remove the wireless card which is mounted on the bottom of the laptop.

STEP 18.

In order to remove the wireless card it’s necessary to disconnect two antenna cables, remove one screw and pull the card from the slot.

Here’s how to disconnect the antenna cable. Simply pull it up by the gold connector and unsnap form the wireless card.

After both wireless antenna cables disconnected, remove the wireless card.

STEP 19.

Disconnect all cables from the motherboard.

Remove one screw securing the motherboard to the bottom case.

Here’s how to disconnect the LCD screen cable.

STEP 20.

Hp Pavilion G7 1310us

Start removing the motherboard from the bottom case as it shown on the following picture.

STEP 21.

The motherboard has been removed.


Now you can access the cooling fan for cleaning or replacement.

The following guide for HP Pavilion g7 series explains how to remove and replace the LCD screen.

Hp Pavilion G7 Laptop Manual

Hp Pavilion G7 Notebook Pc

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