Gopro Hero 3 Silver Users Manual

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
  1. Gopro Hero 3 Silver Manuale Italiano
  2. Gopro Hero 3 Silver Manual

GoPro Hero 3. It appeared in three versions to be able to adapt without problems to the wide variety of market users. The queen of risk sports (and those who are not) could be achieved in Silver, Black or White version.

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Best price for as new camera. I didn't want to spend $400 for the latest and greatest and the Hero 3 White has all the features I need. This was my first GoPro purchase so I wanted to be sure to get something as good as new with all the things that come with a new unit like manual, new battery, and accessories. GoPro Forums Since 2011 A forum community dedicated to all GoPro model owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about software, modifications, troubleshooting, editing, user tips and more! Come join the discussion about software, modifications, troubleshooting, editing, user tips and more!

The three had a minimalist design without breaking the line of the brand and did not differ practically in anything, visually speaking. Regarding the previous model there was an increase in dimensions and weight that did not overshadow the reasons for their existence at all. You were giving us more capacity, functionality and image quality.

One of the novelties brought by the third version of the GoPro was Wifi connectivity that allows us to connect the camera wirelessly to a smartphone or to the official control. These allowed us to shoot remotely or capture impressive images.

The largest of the versions has 12 MP resolution, the Hero3 +, matching the following model: Hero 4

The Hero 3 Black has 4K recording and burst mode of up to 30 shots and thanks to its micro HDMI connection we can enjoy our images without having to transfer them to a computer. All other versions also include in microHDMI port but not the recording capacity of UHD. The 30 images of the burst mode are also lost, changing to 10 (Silver) with a resolution of 11 MP.

If you do any of them, do not forget to update it to the latest version of the software (Update Hero 3) to enjoy the system improvements. It is rare to find it new so if you do with a second hand and have lost the user manual … do not hesitate to download it!

Gopro Hero 3 Silver Manuale Italiano

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GoPro Hero 4. If you still use this version of the GoPro, do not forget to update it to the most current version to take advantage of all the best software. You can update in the following link: Update GoPro Hero 4.

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Make no mistake, there are two models above this does not mean that we are not before a high quality sports camera. In 2014 it reached the market in the Black Silver version, replacing the one that had the number one position: the Hero3 +.

The resolution of the sensor increased by 50% with respect to the Hero 3 model so that the user could enjoy 12 MP instead of 8 MP.

The other important change, expected by all users addicted to these little wonders, was the touch screen.

Gopro hero 3 silver user guide

Finally we forget to fight with the buttons of the casing with cold hands or gloves. Physically there were not many more changes except slight increase in weight and dimensions.

What clearly marked a before and after in Hero 4 was the ability he had to record videos in 4K at 15 fps.

The Black model raised the frame rate to 30 and both opened the way to a new era of images. The Silver model was more like the Hero 3 and therefore was somewhat cheaper.

Currently, it is still on sale and it would not be a bad idea to look at it to enter the world economically since the new Hero 6 goes up a lot.

We also have the intermediate option, the Hero 5, which offers an amazing quality and the launch of the six has made its price significantly lower.

Download the user manual to know what it offers you before making a bad decision.

Gopro Hero 3 Silver Manual

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