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Otherwise, the engine cooling system is not
sufficiently protected from corrosion and
iHave the coolant regularly replaced at a
qualified specialist workshop and the replace-
ment confirmed in the Maintenance Booklet.
Comply with the important safety notes for ser-
vice products when handling coolant
Ypage 364).
The coolant is a mixture of water and anti-
freeze/corrosion inhibitor. It performs the fol-
lowing tasks:
RAnti-corrosion protection
RAntifreeze protection
RRaising the boiling point
If the coolant has antifreeze protection down to -35 ‡ (-37 †), the boiling point of the coolant
during operation is approximately 266 ‡
(130 †).
The antifreeze concentrate/corrosion inhibitor
concentration in the engine cooling system
Rbe at least 50%. This will protect the engine
cooling system against freezing down to
approximately -35 ‡ (-37 †).
Rnot exceed 55% (antifreeze protection down
to -49 ‡[-45 †]) .Otherwise ,hea twill no tbe
dissipated as effectively.
Mercedes-Ben zrecommends an antifreeze/
corrosion inhibitor concentrat ein accordance
wit hMB Specification sfo rServic eProducts
iWhe nth evehicle is first delivered, it is filled
wit h a coolan tmixture that ensures adequat e
antifreez ean danti-corrosio nprotection .
iThe coolan tis checke dwit hever ymainte-
nanc einterval at aqualifie dspecialis twork-
Filling capacities
GLC 300 d4MATIC10.6 US qt (10.0l)
GLC 43 4MATIC12.2 US qt (11.5 l)
Allot her models9.5 US qt (9.0 l)
Windshield washer system
Important safety notes
Windshield washer concentrate could ignite if it comes into contact with hot engine compo-
nents or the exhaust system. There is a risk of
fire and injury.
Make sure that no windshield washer con-
centrate is spilled next to the filler neck.
!Only use washer fluid that is suitable for
plastic lamp lenses, e.g. MB SummerFit or MB WinterFit. Unsuitable washer fluid could dam-
age the plastic lenses of the headlamps.
!Only MB SummerFit and MB WinterFit
washer fluid should be mixed together. The
spray nozzles may otherwise become
Do not use distilled or de-ionized water. Other-
wise, the level sensor may give a false reading.
When handling washer fluid, observe the impor-
tant safety notes on service products
Ypage 364).
At temperatures above freezing:
XFill the washer fluid reservoir with a mixture of
water and windshield washer fluid, e.g. MB
Add 1 part MB SummerFit to 100 parts water.
At temperatures below freezing:
XFill the washer fluid reservoir with a mixture of
water and washer fluid, e.g. MB WinterFit.
For the correct mixing ratio refer to the infor-
mation on the antifreeze reservoir.
iAdd windshield washer fluid, e.g. MB Sum-
merFit or MB WinterFit, to the washer fluid all
year round.
Climate control system refrigerant
Important safety notes
The climate control system of your vehicle is fil-
led with refrigerant R ‑134a.
The instruction label regarding the refrigerant
type used can be found on the radiator cross
Service products and filling capacities369
Technical data

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!Only the refrigerant R‑134a and the PAG oil
approved by Mercedes-Benz may be used.
The approved PAG oil may not be mixed with
any other PAG oil that is not approved for
R-134a refrigerant. Otherwise, the climate
control system may be damaged.
Service work, such as refilling with refrigerant or
replacing component parts, may only be carried
out by a qualified specialist workshop. All appli- cable regulations, as well as SAE standard J639,
must be adhered to.
Always have work on the climate control system
carried out at a qualified specialist workshop.
Refrigerant instruction label
Example: refrigerant instruction label
:Warning symbol
;Refrigerant filling capacity
=Applicable standards
?PAG oil part number
AType of refrigerant
Warning symbol :advises you about:
RPossible dangers
RHaving service work carried out at a qualified
specialist workshop
Filling capacities
All models
Refrigerant22.2 ± 0.4 oz
(630 ± 10 g)
PAG oil2.8 oz(80 g)
Vehicle data
General notes
Please note that for the specified vehicle data:
Rthe heights specified may vary as a result of:
-condition of the suspension
-optional equipment
Roptional equipment reduces the maximum
Observe the information relating to level con-
Dimensions and weights
Opening height
4MATIC82.9 in
(2106 mm)75.6 in
(1920 mm)
All other mod-
els84.5 in
(2146 mm)78.4 in
(1992 mm)
Vehicle length183.5 in (4661 mm)
Vehicle width
including exterior
mirrors82.5 in (2096 mm)
Vehicle height64.1 in (1629 mm)
370Vehicle data
Technical data

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Wheelbase113.1 in (2873 mm)
Turning circle39.7 ft (12.10m)
Maximum roof load165 lb (75 kg)
Maximum trunk
All other models
Vehicle length183.3 in (4656 mm)
Vehicle width
including exterior
mirrors82.5 in (2096 mm)
Vehicle height65.5 in (1664 mm)
Wheelbase113.1 in (2873 mm)
Turning circle38.7 ft (11.80m)
Maximum roof load165 lb (75 kg)
Maximum trunk
load220 lb (100 kg)
Trailer tow hitch
Trailer loads
Permissible trailer load, braked (at a
minimum gradient-climbing capability
of 12% from a standstill)
All models3501 lb (1588 kg)
Maximum drawbar noseweight
!Use a drawbar noseweight as close as pos-
sible to the maximum permissible nose-
weight. Do not use a noseweight of less than
50 kg, otherwise the trailer may come loose.
Note that the payload and the rear axle load
are reduced by the actual payload.
Towing a trailer is not possible with all models.
Further information (
Ypage 203).
The drawbar load reduces the permissible over-
all load and rear axle load. The drawbar load acts from above onto the ball
head on the trailer tow hitch.
The trailer drawbar noseweight is not included in
the towing weight.
ModelPermissible nose-
All models280 lbs (127 kg)
The actual noseweight may not be higher than
the value which is given. The value can be found
on the trailer tow hitch or trailer identification
plates. The lowest weight applies.
The maximum permissible trailer drawbar nose-
weight is the maximum weight with which the
trailer drawbar can be loaded. The permissible
trailer drawbar noseweight is the limit for
Mercedes-Benz-approved trailer couplings.
Gross rear axle weight rating when
towing a trailer
Missing values were not available at time of
going to print.
ModelGross axle weight rating
GLC 300 d 4MATIC
GLC 43 4MATIC2822 lbs (1280 kg)
All other models2755 lbs (1250 kg)
Ball position of the ball coupling
Trailer tow hitch371
Technical data

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When the ball coupling is selected, the following
dimensions must not be exceeded:
:7.0 in
;0.625 in
=1.25 in
372Trailer tow hitch
Technical data

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