Facility Commander Wnx 7.0 User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021

Welcome to Facility Commander Wnx. This manual provides information for system administrators to set up, install, and configure a Facility Commander Wnx Enterprise system. Throughout this manual, reference to Facility Commander Wnx is represented as “FCWnx” in text content to avoid repetition. Conventions used in this manual.

  1. Facility Commander Wnx 7.0 User Manual 2017

This is a total long shot....... but reminds me of an issue we had with some card printing software ....... but since it will only take 3 minutes to try, I'll suggest it anyway.

On the PC having the problem, open up your printers, set one (any one) as the default, then open your software and try again...... if that fails, close the software, go back to printers, and then set the NEXT one as the default, and try your software again. Rinse and repeat until you have tried every printer as the default.

I know it sounds odd, but when we had an issue regarding our card printer, I had changed the default printer to the card printer (it is a dedicated PC for card printing only).... and when I did everything stopped working. I thought it made sense, as I had only set the actual card printer as the default, but in fact the software insisted on it being another printer (perhaps one configured elsewhere within the software)...... when I made the printer it THOUGHT should be the default, everything worked fine again.

I doubt it will work, but for that amount of time, it certainly can't hurt to try.

Facility Commander Wnx 7.0 User Manual 2017

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Facility Commander® Wnx offers powerful, easy-to-use, IT friendly, integrated security management under the familiar Microsoft Windows® operation.

Facility Commander® Wnx offers powerful, easy-to-use, IT friendly, integrated security management under the familiar Microsoft Windows® operating environment. It is a complete end-to-end solution for today’s most commonly deployed physical security applications; providing real-time monitoring, command and control, automation, database administration, and report management in a single unified system.
Ideally suited for organizations seeking to self-monitor and manage security operations over their IT network infrastructure, Facility Commander Wnx seamlessly integrates access control, photo identification and credentialing, digital video surveillance, alarm monitoring, intrusion detection, and visitor management. Through platform standardization and event-driven automation, this powerful solution helps businesses increase security effectiveness, reduce risks, and eliminate the hidden costs associated with operating non-integrated security, facilities, and business systems.

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-Emerald K
4 years ago
4 years agoFacility Commander Wnx third party software intigration

Can a stadalone door access control system be intigrated into Facility Comander Wnx ?

5 years ago
5 years agoWIC-4

I have a HID reader connected to a WIC-4 which is connected to a 8RP port. The reader grants access and the door unlocks, can also use manule controls to lock and unlock the door. Status shows reader is online and door staus. All functions are working exept i can not get the door to work on a door schedule. When i give the door a schedule set to unlock 8-5 the door will unlock and remain unlocked but at 5 the door will not relock. The next day at 8 the door will not unlock. i was told that the problem with the door is that one of the data wires was not make a connection at the 8RP port and there for the door would not work with a schedule. It seems to me that if on of the data wires is not connected then the reader should not work. Has anyone seen this to be true?



8 years ago
8 years agoDate problem for credential expiry

While setting a credential expiry date, i have to set the date by incresing one day more.


Today is 03/19/2012

Im setting the expiry date for 03/20/2012 to active the credential for today(ie. 19-Mar-12)

But the credential not working I have to set the expiry date to 03/21/2012 to make the credential work today(ie. 19-Mar-12).

Is it the problem with the Leap Year(2012), im observing the problem after Feb'12.

Pls share the resolution if any...



  • Seamless integration – a single platform and open application architecture integrates the most common physical security applications and supports many third-party systems
  • Fast, effective response – event-driven automation minimizes operator intervention and expedites information delivery
  • Reduced costs – event verification avoids unnecessary and timeconsuming follow-up; common interface style reduces training needs; reuse of existing video infrastructure cuts installation costs; automatic software updates reduces IT involvement
  • Easy Photo Identification and Credentialing
  • Flexible Graphics Monitoring and Control
  • Powerful Digital Video Surveillance