Emerson Liebert Nx 10-30kva User Manual

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  • AC Power For Business-Critical Continuity™ Liebert NX™ UPS User Manual–40-200kVA, 480V, 60Hz.
  • View and Download Emerson Liebert NX user manual online. 10-20, 400V, 50/60Hz, 3x1. Liebert NX UPS pdf manual download. Also for: Liebert nx series.

Emerson 10-30KVA User Manual. Download 3.14 Mb. For Business-Critical Continuity. Liebert NX ™ UPS. Installation Manual–10-30kVA, 208V, 60Hz. TABLE OF CONTENTS. The Liebert NX™ UPS is designed primarily for telecommunications and data processing applications. Liebert Corporation neither recommends nor knowingly sells this. AC Power For Business-Critical Continuity™ Liebert NX™ UPS User Manual–10-30kVA, 208V, 60Hz DISCONTINUED PRODUCT. Liebert NXC 30kVA And 40kVA UPS. Version V1.0 Revision date December 25, 2012. Emerson disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the defection or malfunction caused. Liebert NXC 30kVA NXC 0030kTJ1AFN02000 Liebert NXC 40kVA NXC 0040kTJ1AFN02000.

UPS Status Messages


DC Bus Overvoltage

Rectifier, inverter and battery converter were shutdown because DC bus voltage is too high.

Check whether there is a fault in rectifier side. If no, then check whether overload occurs.

Restart the inverter after resetting the fault. If fault does not clear, contact Liebert Global Services

at 800-543-2378 for assistance.

Parallel Connect Fault

The parallel cables are not connected correctly in a parallel system.

1. Reset the fault by pressing the 'fault clear' button, then restart the inverter by pressing the

'inverter on' button.

2. If the UPS does not resume normal operation, contact Liebert Global Services at

800-543-2378 for assistance.

Bypass Overcurrent

Bypass current is over limit above 135% rating. The UPS just alarms and does nothing.

Refer to

your installation documentation or

contact Liebert Global Services at 800-543-2378 for


LBS Active

The LBS setting is active. The UPS is acting as an LBS master or slave in a dual bus


Battery ground fault

Battery ground fault from dry contact signal. Contact Liebert Global Services at 800-543-2378 for


Inverter turned On


Manual Turn On via front panel

Inverter turned Off


Manual Turn Off via front panel


Emergency Power Off

Transfer Confirm

Interrupted Transfer Confirm

Transfer Cancel

Interrupted Transfer is cancel

Unit Off Confirm

Unit Turned Off Confirm

System Off Confirm

Parallel System Turned Off Confirm

Fault Reset

Fault Rest

Alarm Silence

Alarm Silence

Turn On Fail

Turn On Fail

Alarm Reset


Audible Alarm Reset

Bypass Mode

UPS in Bypass Mode

Normal Mode

UPS in Normal Mode

Battery Mode

UPS in Battery Mode

Joint Mode

UPS in Inverter Mode

UPS Shutdown

UPS Shutdown, output power-down

Output Disabled

UPS Output Disabled

Generator Connected

Generator is connected and a signal is sent to UPS

Input Disconnect Open

Input Disconnect Open

Input Disconnect Closed

Input Disconnect Closed

Maint. Disconnect Open

Maintenance Disconnect Open

Maint. Disconnect Closed

Maintenance Disconnect Closed

Rotary Sw. Test Pos.

Rotary switch is in test position.

Rotary Sw. Normal Pos.

Rotary switch is in normal position.

Rotary Sw. Bypass Pos.

Rotary switch is in bypass position.

Rotary Sw. Maint. Pos.

Rotary switch is in maintenance position.

Bypass Disconnect Open

Bypass Disconnect Open

Bypass Disconnect Closed Bypass Disconnect Closed
Output Disconnect Open

Output Disconnect Open

Output Disconnect Closed Output Disconnect Closed

Table 44

UPS status messages (continued)

Event Message

Description / Suggested Action (if any)

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Page 67: Maintenance mode, Parallel redundancy mode (system expansion), Frequency converter mode, Caution, Warning




Normal Mode

Operating in normal mode, the NX’s rectifier derives power from a utility AC source and supplies reg-

ulated DC power to the inverter, which regenerates precise AC power to supply the connected equip-

ment. The rectifier also uses the utility source power to charge the batteries.

Battery Mode

When utility AC power fails, the NX protects the critical load by instantaneously channeling battery

power to the inverter which continues supporting the critical load without interruption. When utility

power returns and is within acceptable limits, the NX automatically shifts back to Normal mode, with

the rectifier powering the critical load.

Bypass Mode

When the NX is in bypass mode, the load is directly supported by utility power and is without battery

backup protection.
The NX’s static transfer switch will shift the load from the inverter to bypass mode without an inter-

ruption in AC power if the inverter is synchronous with the bypass and any of the following occurs:

• inverter fails
• inverter overload capacity is exceeded
• inverter is manually turned off by user

Maintenance Mode

For maintenance or repair, the NX may be operated in maintenance mode. To place the NX in mainte-

nance mode, the load must be transferred to bypass and the inverter must be turned off. When those

conditions are met, the rotary switch may be turned to MAINT and the UPS may be shut down, per-

mitting disconnecting the batteries for maintenance.

Parallel Redundancy Mode (System Expansion)

For higher capacity, higher reliability or both, the outputs of up to four UPS modules can be pro-

grammed for directly paralleling while a built-in parallel controller in each UPS ensures automatic

load sharing.

Frequency Converter Mode

The Liebert NX can be programmed into frequency converter mode for either 50Hz or 60Hz stable

output frequency. The input frequency may vary from 40Hz to 70Hz. In this mode, the static bypass

operation is disabled and the battery becomes optional, depending on any requirement to operate in

battery mode (stored energy mode).

If the inverter is asynchronous with the bypass, the static switch will transfer the load from the

inverter to the bypass WITH interruption in AC power to the critical load. This interruption

will be less than 15ms (in 50Hz), or less than 13.33ms (in 60Hz). This interruption time may be

altered by modifying the Output transfer interrupt time setting.



The internal maintenance bypass must not be used when the UPS system is in 1+N parallel.



The UPS input and output must be protected with external overcurrent protection devices. In

maintenance mode, the input and output busbars remain energized.

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