Digital Check Chexpress Cx30 User Manual

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CheXpress® CX30 User’s Manual_Rev 020309

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Common Error Codes From The Scanner

Common Error Codes


Mis-Feed (The document failed to enter the path on time).

Remove the document and re-insert it.

Check for bent or excessively curled leading edges and straighten as needed.

If they continue to get -216 errors, this might indicate that;

o The entry drive rollers may be dirty
o Something may be lodged in the path


Document Stopped in the path or did not exit on time

Eject the documents. To clear the error condition.

If the document will not eject, remove the top center cover and open the access doors to remove the

Check the leading edges and corners of the document and straighten as needed.

A -220 error code where the document is stopping in the path repeatedly could indicate debris, paper or
a staple in the path. Check if the document’s leading edge looks OK or is catching on something.

All of the main rollers may need to be cleaned.



No Checks (There are no checks indicated in the entry pocket)

A scan cycle has been initiated, but the status LED is not indicating that a document is present.

Reinsert the document and insert them back into the entry pocket. Slide them forward until the LED
comes on.

This typically can happen when a scan cycle is initiated and the LED is not on.


No Print Head (The ink jet cartridge is not being sensed by the scanner)

When endorsing characters using the ink jet option, the print string is the first function sent
down to the scanner at the start of a scan cycle. This error will come up immediately if no
cartridge is present.


Open the top-center cover by lifting vertically. Remove and reseat the ink jet cartridge, being
sure it snaps into place.

If that fails, try using a new cartridge.


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Digital Check Chexpress Cx30 User Manual Download

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CheXpress® CX30 User’s Manual_Rev 020309

Install the Demo Software Program

(Download from the Digital Check web site if you

did not have an Install CD. If you did, check the Desktop for the ScanLite icon. Use the
ScanLite program for testing the scanner and during the cleaning process

Look for the ScanLite and ScanBest programs on the web site.

The demo software is a basic scan program that allows you to operate the scanner,
change different scanner settings, view images, and store them on your PC’s hard disk.
The demo program is not the software to run the system. Additional application software
is required. ScanLite is an easier demo program to use and is recommended that it be
used when cleaning the scanner.

Digital Check Cx30 Manual

NOTE: In most cases, your scanner will operate under the application provided by the
solution provider that installed it. If you need to manually copy down the demo code:
1. Create a sub directory, i.e. “ScanLite” on the PC.
2. Copy and unzip the ScanLite files into the directory.
3. Launch the ScanLite.exe to open the demo application.

Getting Started with CheXpress® CX30

Digital Check Chexpress Cx30 User Manual

LED status indicator

Fig. 6

Digital Check Chexpress Cx30 Driver Wells Fargo

The status LED with no light on. This is
the normal state when waiting to be
connected to the PC and to a power


Download Digital Check Cx30

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