Covidien Kendall Scd 700 Series User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/20/2021
Kendall SCD 700 Sequential Compression System:
The Kendall SCD 700 Sequential Compression System (hereby referenced as “Kendall SCD 700 Series”) is designed to apply intermittent pneumatic compression to increase venous blood flow in at-risk patients in order to help prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The System consists of the controller, the tubing sets (provided with the controller) and single-patient use garments (purchased separately from this controller). The garments, both leg sleeves and foot cuffs, compress the limbs to enhance venous blood movement. After the compression cycle has reached set pressure, the Controller measures the time it takes for the limbs to refill with blood and waits that period of time before the next compression is initiated.
The system utilizes the clinically proven Kendall SCD technology, which delivers sequential, gradient, circumferential compression to reduce the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE) without the bleeding risk associated with anticoagulant prophylaxis.
The system incorporates a number of physician and patient-focused enhancements. With its unique DCS Technology, the Comfort Sleeve addresses the factors contributing to patient discomfort, including sweat, heat, itchiness, pressure and skin irritation. The all-in-one controller improves functionality and convenience with a new graphical user interface with animated icons, allowing for a more intuitive operation.
In a multicenter, prospective clinical study involving 148 hospitalized patients, the Kendall SCD Comfort Sleeve was preferred by 84% of participants over the Kendall SCD Express Sleeve. In addition, the Comfort Sleeve was also identified as being less sweaty, cooler in temperature and more flexible for patients.
The use of the Kendall SCD 700 Series Compression System with Leg Sleeves is indicated for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism prophylaxis.
The use of the Kendall SCD 700 Series Compression System with Foot Cuffs is indicated for:
1. Circulation enhancement.
2. Deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis.
3. Edema - Acute.
4. Edema - Chronic.
5. Extremity pain incident to trauma or surgery.
6. Leg Ulcers.
7. Venous stasis / venous insufficiency.
Set Pressure Leg Sleeves: 45 mmHg; Foot Cuffs: 130 mmHg
Adjustable Bed Hook: Yes
Power Cord Storage: Yes
Audible/Visual Alarms: Low Pressure, High Pressure, Internal Electronics Malfunction
Power Cord: 13 feet long with region specific appropriate cordage and plug
Controller Dimensions: Height: 6.8 inches (17.3 cm)
Width: 7.7 inches (19.6 cm)
Depth: 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) (when placed on a foot board)
Depth: 7.3 inches (18.5 cm) (free standing)
Controller Weight: 5.0 lbs. (2.3 kg)
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50VA, 50/60 Hz
Battery: 10.8 V, 2200mAh, Lithium Ion pack
Run Time: 6-8 hours
Charge Time: 4 hours (charging only)
Shipping Weight 7 lbs. 4 oz. (3.3 kg)
Kendall SCD 700 Operation and Service Manual
Qty - 1 Kendall SCD 700 Series
Qty - 2 Tubing
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Cosmetic - Excellent
Working - Excellent (Demo / Like New)
Includes a 6-Month Warranty
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Covidien Kendall Scd 700 Series User Manual

Kendall SCD™ 700 system Operation and Service Manual EQUIPMENT LIST Regulated air source (i.e. Compressor or factory air). Kendall SCD™ 700 controller QuickStart Guide 1 1066981 Covidien 1-800-962-9888. Kendall SCD™ 700 Series System DME Instruction Guide. Kendall SCD™ 700 Smart Compression™ is designed to move more blood to help prevent stasis, track compliance with Patient Sensing™ Technology.

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Kendall SCD 700 Series Controller

The Kendall SCD 700 Series Controller provides an all-in-one, clinically-proven solution to help prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE). The controller’s features allow for improved functionality and convenience to deliver peace of mind.
Kendall SCD™ sequential compression systems deliver all-in-one leg or foot compression to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). Patented Vascular Refill Detection technology allows the system to detect each patient's individual vascular refill time to deliver customized therapy.

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Covidien Kendall Scd 700 Series User Manual Pdf

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3 months ago
3 months agoRepairs
Need a 3rd Party source who can fix the Unit when we do not have the timeCardinal Health will not work w/ us unless we are under ContractReply
8 months ago
8 months agoPCB part number
Hello guys and Gals! Today I am trying to find the part number of the main CPU printed Circuit assembly. Per the manual, Their are two numbers. I am not sure which one is mine. I opened up the case assembly and removed the PCB. I am unable to find any number matching what I have. I called cardinal help, but they were in very poor conditions to help. I gave them every number from the board I could. The ones that make sense anyways. So, Any help is always appreciated. Help me find the part number!All the best,A. Choate Reply


9 months ago
9 months agoKendall-SCD 700 T3 pressure transducer Calibration
Today ladies and gentlemen, I am looking for tips to complete the Pressure Transducer Calibration or T3 on a Kendall-SCD 700. I used a Fluke Sim 8 NIBP pressure source test to simulate the required pressure for the pressure transducer calibration verification test or T4. T4 passed with flying colors! When I start to initiate the T3 test I get....Well having said all that, I just was able to complete the T3 Calibration fine. I still want to leave this open and get any tips about the test and device possible. I have 300 of these little guys this month. Finding them is the hardest part...more or less.All the best guysA. ChoateReply


  • 3.2 inch color LCD screen provides large icons
  • Animated icons communicate the cause of the error and the remedy
  • Easy start up with one touch operation for leg compression
  • USB Port makes software upgrades easy
  • Adjustable Bedhook attaches easily and securely to most footboards
  • Vibration dampeners and soft overmolding make the controller quiet
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Covidien Kendall Scd 700 Series

What is a Sequential Compression Device?

Covidien Kendall Scd 700 Series User Manual Download

Sequential compression devices are medical equipment units that help to improve circulatory function in people who have poor circulatory flow. These devices can be used in both hospitals and are approved for at home use. Continue reading to learn more about the Sequential Compression Device.