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Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
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At first this didn’t work because while it’s the right manual for the box (looks the same), my remote is still different from the one in this manual, it’s a genuine bt vision remote but maybe very old. So I saw on the guide for controlling your tv with the bt vision remote it says to press and hold Vol+ and Mute buttons but it. The old remote for the BT Vision box was frequently not working, so I searched for a new one that would not cost me half a months pay. Thankfully, I found this on Amazon and now we watch tv without getting stressed about changing channels. The new remote has the blue 'y' button above the coloured buttons whereas the instruction guide is for the remote with a 'youview' button and a 'btvision' button. Is there anywhere on the BT site with instructions for the new remote I've received?

I’ve recently bought a new Samsung 4K TV (amazing BTW) and I’m running a BT Vision box through it as well.
In order to control the BT Vision box with the TV remote I’ve been through Samsung’s Universal Remote setup which was very easy and the TV remote now does the job BUT there isn’t an equivalent button on the TV remote to replace the ‘BT Vision’ button on the BT Vision remote. This means that (via the TV remote) I cannot access the menus on the BT Vision box that show what I have recorded as well the On Demand section etc…
I suppose what I’d like to know is if there is a way for me to somehow programme my Samsung TV remote to learn the ‘BT Vision’ button and assign it to a spare button on the Samsung TV remote?
Or is there a way to access the Recordings menu on my BT Vision box through a few of the other menus that I can access?
Thanks in advance for your help!
(I appreciate this might be more of a question for BT but thought I’d post it here to see if anyone has ever come across this)
I've recently bought a LG OLED55C7V and have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get the magic remote to connect and control my BT Vision ultra HD box. Everything in the setup instructions looks as though it should work, but I can get the two to talk.
I've been running through the following steps:

Bt Vision Remote Control User Manual Download

  • Select HDMI port
  • Set up universal remote
  • Select set-top box
  • I can see the screen in the centre and it is showing the output from HDMI 1 which has the BT box plugged into it.
  • Select next
  • Box is within 1m of the TV - Next
  • Location is correct
  • I've been selecting service: BT TV (GB). I did try the Freeview option too, but this also failed to work - Next
  • set-top box manufacturer - when I search for humax it doesn't return any results (it's a BT Vision ultra HD box, DTR-T4000 made by Humax. Only option is to select BT. Interestingly, when I selected Freeview in the previous menu I could look up Humax, but it didn't make any difference.
  • I then have the option of 2 remote control types - neither work.

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Does anyone have any ideas? Are the two not compatible, or am I being stupid?

Bt Vision Remote Control User Manual Instructions

Bt Vision Remote Control Codes