Braun Kf570 220 Volt 10-cup Coffee Maker User Manual

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021
  1. Braun Kf570 220 Volt 10-cup Coffee Maker User Manual Pdf

BRAUN KF570 BRAND NEW 10-CUP 220 VOLT COFFEE MAKER This new coffeemaker is perfect for true coffee gourmets who want to enjoy an incomparable coffee house atmosphere in the comfort of their own home. This 10-Cup Coffee Maker comes with 1100 watts of power which can heat up water to that perfect hot temperature!

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10 Cup Coffee Maker, 900W, identified by KF440. Made in Germany.

Coffee maker will not turn on

The coffee maker does not respond when the power is switched on.

Device unplugged

Make sure the coffee maker is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Try to plug coffee maker into at least two separate outlets to make sure the power outlet is functioning correctly.

Damaged power cord

Visually look over the power cord to make sure there are no obvious breaks, cuts, or damage done to cord.

Circuit board malfunction

The KF 440 is equipped with a circuit board that controls the functions of the coffee maker. Visually look over the circuit board and see if there are any burnt or broken components.

Coffee maker turns on but will not brew coffee

The power switch is on (red light appears), but no coffee is produced.

Water reservoir is empty

Make sure the water reservoir is filled with water.

Coffee pot not correctly in place

The coffee pot needs to sit correctly and fully onto the hotplate for coffee to brew.

Faulty filter basket components

The filter basket has a spring and ball assembly, which allows coffee to flow into the pot and stops flow when the pot is removed. If this assembly is broken, the coffee maker will not brew correctly. Refer to the Braun Aromaster KF440 Filter Basket Replacement Guide.

Coffee maker will only brew water

The coffee maker only produces hot water.

Empty filter basket

Make sure coffee grounds are in the filter basket.

Coffee maker brews slowly

The coffee maker is producing coffee, but at a slower than average pace.

Coffee maker needs to be cleaned

In addition to coffee grounds, the coffeemaker can build up calcium and mineral deposits. The coffeemaker can be cleaned by running the coffee maker once with a water-vinegar solution (1:1) and another time with just water.

Braun Kf570 220 Volt 10-cup Coffee Maker User Manual

Coffee maker’s one-way inline valve is clogged

The KF 440 is equipped with a one-way valve to aid in brewing. This valve can become clogged with residues, causing the coffee maker to brew very slowly. Refer to the Braun Aromaster KF440 one-way valve Replacement

Brewed coffee is not hot

The coffee maker brews coffee normally, but the coffee from the carafe is not hot.

Automatic shut-off switch has been activated

The automatic shut off switch will turn the coffee maker off after a given amount of time for safety reasons. Most coffee makers default shut off time is 2 hours unless otherwise manually programmed for a different time.

Faulty heating element

The heating element, which heats the coffee to the desired temperature, can fail. This failure would cause the coffee maker to brew cold coffee. Refer to the Braun Aromaster KF440 Internal Tubing Replacement Guide

Coffee grounds appear in brewed coffee

There are coffee grounds in the bottom of the carafe.

Paper filter not properly seated

Braun Kf570 220 Volt 10-cup Coffee Maker User Manual Pdf

The paper filter needs to sit in the basket correctly for the brewing process. If the sides of the filter are folded over and not in contact with the filter basket, coffee grounds will leak through the basket and into the coffee pot. If this happens, clean the filter basket and coffee pot, then install a new filter that is correctly positioned.

Damaged filter basket


Visually check the filter basket for cracks or holes that could be allowing coffee grounds to leak into the coffee pot. If cracks or holes are detected refer to the KF 440 filter basket replacement guide.

Water appears around the base of the coffee maker

Water leaks beneath the coffee maker and on to the countertop.

Too much water in reservoir

Too much water can be poured into the coffee maker’s reservoir. This would cause water to leak out of coffee maker, leaving a puddle of water around it.

Internal hoses are cracked or Broken

The tubing inside of the coffee maker can become cracked or broken over time , causing the coffee maker to leak water . Refer to the Braun Aromaster KF440 Heating Element Replacemen