Bella Linea Coffee Maker User Manual

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For your safety, the coffee maker will automatically shut off after 2 hours. Permanent Filter Baskets Save Time and Money. The Linea 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker uses permanent filters, which means you'll never need disposable paper filters again. The permanent filters are dishwasher safe. Common problems with Bella coffee makers include failure to heat, a faulty power cord, clogged tubes, failure to brew and a faulty indicator light. Other problems include failure of the coil to heat up, clogged valves and problematic clock settings. Bella coffee makers may fail to heat when one of the heat sensitive switches is faulty. User guide. Read online or download PDF. BELLA 14108 Linea Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker User Manual. BELLA Kettles.

The Linea 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker uses permanent filters, which means you'll never need disposable paper filters again. The permanent filters are dishwasher safe. Easy Care and Cleanup The Linea 12-cup Programmable Coffee Maker is easy to clean. Once a month, you can program the auto-clean cycle for deeper cleaning of the 12-cup carafe.

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Before Using for the First Time

CAUTION: To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse the Coffee Maker or allow power cord to come
into contact with water or other liquids.
1. Remove all packing material and labels from the inside and outside of the Coffee Maker. Place the unit

on a flat, clean surface.

2. Before preparing coffee, thoroughly clean the glass carafe with lid, removable filter holder and permanent

coffee filter in hot, sudsy water. Rinse and dry. Replace disassembled parts. See Care & Cleaning
Instructions for a detailed description.

3. Clean the inside of the Coffee Maker by brewing 2 full carafes of tap water (see “setting up the machine”).

Do not add the permanent coffee filter or ground coffee for this initial cleaning.

NOTE: At the end of the first cycle, allow 15 minutes for the unit to cool.

4. Brew a second carafe of fresh water.
5. Wait an additional 15 minutes to allow the unit to cool before brewing your first carafe of coffee.

Setting up the machine

IMPORTANT: Before brewing, always check to make sure water level is past the MIN line and add water
if needed. Never exceed the MAX fill line.
NOTE: The amount of brewed coffee will always be less than the amount of water placed into the water reservoir;
as much as 10% is absorbed by coffee grounds and filter.
1. Lift to open the Coffee Maker lid. Fill carafe with cold tap water and pour into water reservoir at the back

of the unit. The stepped water level indicator can be easily viewed inside unit.

2. Place empty carafe on the warming plate.
3. Place the permanent filter in the removable filter holder. Measure 1 level tablespoon or 1 scoop with the

provided scooper cup, of drip or regular grind coffee for each cup of coffee desired. For stronger or milder
coffee, adjust amount of coffee to suit your taste.

4. Lower the filter holder down into the housing. Close the lid.
5. Plug the power cord into 120V/60HZ power supply socket, the background indicator will be illuminated,

“AM 12:00



” will flash. Set the clock by using the HOUR/HR and MIN buttons, and press SEL. The

backlight indicator will go into sleep mode within 60 seconds if no further buttons are selected.

6. Press the START or button


. The Coffee Maker will begin the brew cycle.

NOTE: To interrupt the brew process at any time, press and hold the START or button

Braun Coffee Maker User Manual


until you hear a

beep. The screen will display

icon and TIME since last brew. The warming plate will still be working. To

Coffee makers at target

turn it off, hold START or button


again until clock appears.

7. Upon completion of the brew cycle, wait at least 1 minute until the dripping coffee from the flow valve

into the carafe has stopped. The carafe lid should be kept in place to facilitate safe serving and help keep
coffee at a proper serving temperature. Tilt the carafe slightly and pour hot coffee very slowly, so that the
flow of the brewed coffee does not exceed the width of the spout.

8. Press and hold the START or button


to turn the Coffee Maker off when the carafe is empty or when unit

is not in use.

Setting the clock

1. Press HOUR/HR button to select the Hour. Press and hold HOUR/HR to toggle quickly.
2. Press MIN button to select the minutes. Press and hold MIN to toggle quickly.
3. When the correct time is displayed press SEL. The coffee maker will make an audible beep sound.
4. Re-set the clock: press Mode button six times until



flashes, press SEL button, the time will flash,

follow clock setting method.

Cuisinart Coffee Makers User Manual

Brew strength selection

1. Regular strength coffee (by default): press Mode button once,



will flash, press SEL button to confirm,

then press the START or button


. The unit will beep and begin to brew regular coffee.

2. Gourmet strength coffee: press Mode button twice,


Instructions For Bella Coffee Maker


will flash, press SEL button to confirm, then

press the START or button


. The unit will beep and begin to brew gourmet strength coffee.

3. Bold strength coffee: press Mode button three times,



will flash, press SEL button to confirm, then

Bella linea coffee maker user manual pdf

press the START or button


. The unit will beep and begin to brew Bold strength coffee.

4. 1-4 CUP Mode: press Mode button four times, 1-4



Bella Linea Coffee Pot Manual

will flash, press SEL button to confirm, then press

the START or button


. The unit will beep and begin to brew in 1-4 CUP Mode. The 1-4 Cup Mode is

ideally used for making 1-4 cups of coffee therefore 1-4 cups of water should be poured into the water
tank accordingly. If more than 1-4 cups of water are poured in, then everything poured in will brew.


Depending on the model number of your unit; for US CM4282-A, for Canada CM4282-CA.

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