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Sep 30, 2003  Re: Any Arima (15ft Sea Hunter) owners out there? I, too, have an Arima and would highly recomend the Arima boat owners group as a source of info. I would bet that someone on the group has a setup you are looking at or has thought about it and can tell you the pros and cons. Oct 24, 2015  ur all in 1 stop n shop away from the heart of arima. Toy mart, westport, fur iture plus, grocery, bakery, dports and games, everything u ne. D TANK April 5, 2014. Been here 5+ times. Shops of arima arima. shops of arima arima photos. shops of arima arima location.


Arima Boat Owners Group

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SRSea ChaserSea ExplorerSea HunterSea LegendSea PacerSea RangerSea Sprinter
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2005 Sea Explorer2005 Sea Sprinter2005 Sea Legend2005 Sea Ranger2005 Sea Hunter2005 Sea Chaser2005 Sea Pacer
2004 Sea Explorer2004 Sea Sprinter2004 Sea Legend2004 Sea Ranger2004 Sea Hunter2004 Sea Chaser2004 Sea Pacer
2003 Sea Explorer2003 Sea Sprinter2003 Sea Legend2003 Sea Ranger2003 Sea Hunter2003 Sea Chaser2003 Sea Pacer
2002 Sea Explorer2002 Sea Sprinter2002 Sea Legend2002 Sea Ranger2002 Sea Hunter2002 Sea Chaser2002 Sea Pacer
2001 Sea Explorer2001 Sea Sprinter2001 Sea Legend2001 Sea Ranger2001 Sea Hunter2001 Sea Chaser2001 Sea Pacer
2000 Sea Explorer2000 Sea Sprinter2000 Sea Legend2000 Sea Ranger2000 Sea Hunter2000 Sea Chaser2000 Sea Pacer
1999 Sea Explorer1999 Sea Sprinter1999 Sea Legend1999 Sea Ranger1999 Sea Hunter1999 Sea Chaser1999 Sea Pacer
1998 Sea Explorer1998 Sea Sprinter1998 Sea Ranger1998 Sea Hunter1998 Sea Chaser1998 Sea Pacer
1997 Sea Explorer1997 Sea Sprinter1997 Sea Ranger1997 Sea Hunter1997 Sea Chaser1997 Sea Pacer

Arima Owners Index

1996 Sea Explorer1996 Sea Sprinter1996 Sea Ranger1996 Sea Hunter1996 Sea Chaser1996 Sea Pacer
1995 Sea Explorer1995 Sea Sprinter1995 Sea Ranger1995 Sea Hunter1995 Sea Chaser1995 Sea Pacer
1994 Sea Explorer1994 Sea Sprinter1994 Sea Ranger1994 Sea Hunter1994 Sea Chaser1994 Sea Pacer
1993 Sea Explorer1993 Sea Sprinter1993 Sea Ranger1993 Sea Hunter1993 Sea Chaser1993 Sea Pacer
1992 Sea Explorer1992 Sea Sprinter1992 Sea Ranger1992 Sea Hunter1992 Sea Chaser1992 Sea Pacer
1991 Sea Explorer1991 Sea Sprinter1991 Sea Ranger1991 Sea Hunter1991 Sea Chaser1991 Sea Pacer
1990 Sea Explorer1990 Sea Sprinter1990 Sea Ranger1990 Sea Hunter1990 Sea Chaser1990 Sea Pacer
1989 Sea Explorer1989 Sea Sprinter1989 Sea Ranger1989 Sea Hunter1989 Sea Chaser1989 Sea Pacer
1988 Sea Explorer1988 Sea Sprinter1988 Sea Ranger1988 Sea Hunter1988 Sea Chaser1988 Sea Pacer
1987 Sea Explorer1987 Sea Sprinter1987 Sea Ranger1987 Sea Hunter1987 Sea Chaser1987 Sea Pacer
1986 Sea Explorer1986 Sea Sprinter1986 Sea Ranger1986 Sea Hunter1986 Sea Chaser1986 Sea Pacer
1985 Sea Explorer1985 Sea Ranger1985 Sea Hunter1985 Sea Chaser
1984 Sea Explorer1984 Sea Ranger1984 Sea Hunter1984 Sea Chaser
1983 Sea Explorer1983 Sea Hunter1983 Sea Chaser