Acer Aspire V5-122p User Manual Free Download

Posted : admin On 12/21/2021

Aspire V5-123 User’s Manual This revision: 07/2013 AcerCloud frees you to enjoy your digital life anytime, anywhere! This computer comes with AcerCloud pre-installed. AcerCloud is a personal cloud service that allows you to access your files over the Internet and make sure your most important files are always up to date. User manual Acer Aspire V5. Free manual and PDF download. Got a question? Aks your question to other Acer Aspire V5 users. View here the free Acer Aspire V5 manual. Have you read the manual but does it answer your question? Then ask your question on this page to other Acer Aspire V5 owners. Acer Aspire V5 122P-61456G50nss Acer Aspire V3.

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FAQ & Answers

  • are you sure you have version 2.7?

    have you checked on BIOS screen?

    this is 2.06 BIOS version:

    if you are able to install version 2.6, i think you can update straight to 2.12

  • Yes I do have 2.7. You can see this by going to msinfo32. But I dont know why it says I need to download 2.6 critical secure mechanism change. I dont understand this. That is like going backwards. Even if I dont want to go to 2.6 even if i wanted to go up. There is no 2.8,2.9 on the website. so when I do try to download 2.10 witch is the lowest available that message comes up (you have to download 2.6 critical secure mechanism change).

  • please write 2.06 since 2.6 is another version and it doesn't exist.

    about the 2.06 request even if your version is 2.07, honestly i don't know.

    Other BIOS versions:

    click on BIOS, then click on ALL, this will give you all the available BIOS

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • Oh nice thank you. I am going to update 2.06 and then go up from there to 2.12. I hope I can load windows 10 on this laptop with out the screen locking up or going black. The last time I loaded windows 10 it went black and there was no way to uninstall the amd drivers because of the blank screen or if the screen does load it will freeze up.

  • I'm not an Acer employee.
  • Hi Yes that worked. Thanks! I was looking at the wrong Bios. There are 2 places you can see Bois (MSINFO32) When you go to that page, that gives you all your inforamtion. But there are 2 bios you can get mixed up Mine was at 2.06 I did update it to 2.12. The other bios is SMBIOS 2.7 The real bios Bios Version date is 2.12. I have installed windows 10 but after the updates the system started freezing and became unusable. I guess this is only good for winows 8.1 ONLY. I have loaded windows 7 and it had many problems also. Will not see the network adapter and black screen so uninstalled the video card driver and then it works but sill no ethernet adapter can be seen.

FAQ & Answers

Acer Aspire V5-122p User Manual Free Download Pdf

Acer Aspire V5-122p User Manual Free Download

Aspire V5 122p 0408 Specs

  • little trick.

    download the latest BIOS, unzip the .zip file, now unzip SOBI0212.exe file (i use 7z), unzip v212s.exe

    you need 2 files inside v212s.exe:

    An212w.fd BIOS

    FWUpdLcl.exe the bios flasher

    now you need an USB DOS bootable pen:

    Follow the instructions on the website, check only Quick Format and Create bootable MS-DOS (NOT free-DOS), then copy the BIOS and flasher file on the USB root.

    Plug the USB on your laptop, boot and choose the USB pen as boot device, then at prompt type:

    FWUpdLcl.exe An212w.fd

    press enter and wait until is done, please take care that battery is full charged and AC charger is connected.

  • I have only the 'SOBI0212.exe file '
    How do I get the file containing SOBI0212.exe.
    Secondly, the screen doesn't display, so I suggest I will put everything inside d flash... I will leave the laptop off state and insert the USB Flash inside the USB Port and HOLD down both the FN & ESC Key and POWER and it will automatically load from Flash...
    Plz I need moe insight on this..
  • You need to unzip (right click 'unzip here') SOBI0212.exe with an application like 7z

    mmmm...wait a moment, you are trying to use BIOS recovery in this will be simple.

    give me 2 minutes.

  • Yeah...

    I was able to get the files after i extract it

    here are the details of the files i got




    I now unzip v212s.exe

    was able to get the below files after the unzip of v212s.exe











    Kindly let me know what to do next as i have my flash disk here ready.

    The screen doesnt display and i want it to boot up when i hold down FN and ESC key as i saw it in a tutorial on Youtube

  • Nope.

    the recovery method you are referring is for old Acer models, it will not works on V5.

    By the way if you want to attempt it, just format an USB pen to FAT or FAT32 (DOS Bootable NOT needed) and copy the BIOS file An212w.fd to your USB pen then try your method.

    Try also to rename the BIOS file if this doesn't work with stock name (once at time):




  • Okay.. give me 2 minutes.. let me try.

    Please incase it doesnt work,

    is there any other option for this my blank screen laptop??

    its power on the power light is on but it wont boot up to display on the screen.

    I will be looking forward to hear from you

  • I'm not an Acer employee.
  • I'm from Nigeria and i reside in Nigeria..

    They re not able to repair it and i thought i could use online help to make it come back to life.

  • Its didnt boot from the Flash drive...

    How can i make it boot from the flash.. am sure it will work it he boot from the flashdisk

  • No way to fix it this way.
    In my opinion it's an hardware problem.
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