70mai Pro User Manual Function Buttons

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Jan 04, 2019  The 70mai has a nice cylindrical design and is small at 100 x 55 x 32 mm. It does not come with a screen and can be mounted discreetly in your vehicle. The form factor is very simple with one power button providing multiple functions (power on, power off, turn on WiFi, turn off Wifi, format SD card and restore default settings). 70mai Pro User Manual. There are 4 keys also known as the Function buttons, each one having a function of its own which we will discuss later. There is an LED indicator on the left camera portion of the screen and behind it is the camera whose position can be tilted for a better view. The power button is located at the bottom and the. Buy Dash Cam 70mai Car Dashboard Driving Recorder with WiFi 1944P Full HD Pro DVR with 2 inch WDR Screen Night Vision Voice Control Emergency Recording APP Control G-Sensor Parking Monitor Loop Recording: On-Dash Cameras - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 70MAI Dash Cam records videos outside of the moving vehicles. It can’t protect drivers and passengers from any accidents. We shall not take any responsibility if the user gets involved in any traffic accident and/or bears any loss due to the product failure, information loss, or product operation. Pressing the Scene Launch buttons on the right side of The Mixer’s eight buttons lie along the very bottom of the the Launchpad Pro will trigger horizontal rows of clips, aka Launchpad Pro, providing quick access to many functions ‘scenes’. These buttons allow you to.

70mai Pro User Manual Function Buttons

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70mai Pro User Manual Function Buttons In Word

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