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70mai Dash Cam Pro is an in-car DVR featured multiple functions to promote safer driving experience.

Main Features:
• Parking surveillance
• Advanced driver-assistance system
• Superb day and night vision
• APP enabled, easy play back and download
• Compact design
• 3-minute installation
• Voice control

WDR: Adjust exposure balance, enable the camera to pick up greater details,allowing the dash cam to process more light on the seneor and produce a more vibrant image.

Defog Algorithm: Effectively reduce distortion or degradation of images and reproduce a clear vision while driving in smoke and haze environment.

G-Sensor: Help 70mai Dash Pro to automatically start recording when collision detected. Footage locked in Event File separated from regular file.

140° Wide Angle: Allow a larger viewing angle to be recorded and enable drivers to see 4 lanes of traffic. Along with 6 glass, it can provide light transmission, thus recording crystal clear video.

2592 x 1944 Pixel HD: 2.5 time of the resolution of 1080P HD, produce road movies anytime and anywhere,capture detail of your travel routes, not missing any wonderfulness during the journey.

6-Glass Lens: 6-layers glass lenses allow 70mai Dash Cam Pro to prevent vague in multiple climate environments and conditions along with the effert of Defog.

APP Enabled: Connected with the device's hotspot,you can obtain the Internet access conveniently, previewing and downloading images of videos on trip without using any mobile traffic.

SONY IMX335,F/1.8: SONY IMX335 is a type of image sensor widely used in cameras for its capability to capture clear, high definition shots and footage even in low-light conditions.

User Manual

Product overview

Please install the product following the method below.

1. Install the electrostatic sticker
Take out the electrostatic sticker from the packing box and install it in the recommended area on the windshield, as shown in the figure below. Please clean the windshield, and remove the air bubbles between the electrostatic sticker and the windshield during the installation.

2. Connect the Dash Cam Pro to the bracket
Lock the bracket to the Dash Cam Pro, as shown in the figure below. You will hear a snap when it is in place.

3. Attach the Dash Cam Pro
Remove the protective sticker on the Dash Cam Pro bracket and attach the Dash Cam Pro to the center of the electrostatic sticker, as shown in the figure below. Press the bracket mount by hand to ensure that the heat resistant adhesive is in close contact with the electrostatic sticker.

4. Connect the power supply
As shown in the figure, run the power cable along the top of the windshield, down pillar A, and around the passenger-side glove compartment. Arrange the end so that it runs to the cigarette lighter port. After connecting it to the car charger, plug the charger into the port

5. Adjust the Dash Cam Pro angle
Turn on the Dash Cam Pro and adjust the camera angle up and down against the preview screen to ensure that the camera is facing the front.

Activating 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

The 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro must be activated using the 70mai app. Please visit the website below to download and install the 70mai app.


Please select 'Add Device' in the 70mai app and complete the activation according to the prompts.

Image sensor: SONY IMX335
Resolution: 2592×1944
Camera: FOV 140°, F1.8, 6 glass
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ 2.4GHz
G-sensor: Acceleration sensor
Expandable memory: MicroSD card with capacity of 16-64GB and read/write speed of Class10 and above
Supported OS: Android4.4/iOS8.0 and above
Power supply: car cigarette lighter
Battery type: li-polymer battery
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Input: 5V 2A
Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C
Dimensions: 82 × 58.2 × 40.5mm

SC114 HD 1080p Car DVR Dash Camera User Manual Initial Setup Inserting a New Memory Card Before you are able to record any video using the device, you will have to install a memory card to save the video on. The SC114 takes Micro SD cards with storage space up to 32GB (not included).

Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam
Equipped with a camera chip and image sensor which allows to record high-quality videos, 70mai dash cam becomes a perfect travel companion.
• Provide Solid Evience for Accident
• Help with Car Insurance Claims
• Snapshot Roadside Scenery
GT300 Car DVR
HD high resolution, HD night-vision, HDMI output
Quickly locking or unlocking video file
Parking monitoring function: after enabling parking mode function, the device can identify the surrounding environment and automatically turn on for recording and automatically saving the files even under the Off state.
Built-in G-Sensor, it can record the gravity sensing information and identify the up and down, left and right, front and rear displacement of the car, and will automatically lock the current video since it will identify the abnormality of driving.
GF-07 GPS Tracker
Regardless of alarm locator on the cart, children bag, the old man's pocket, valuables bag, can through the mobile phone to send SMS alarm locator, query alarm locator location, convenient you to monitor all the way, to master the location of the object in real time.
SQ16 Mini Camera
It is designed without hole, and is configured with convenient mini pendant and portable DV (Digital Video);
Format of motion detection / video recording video;
Video format: 1920X1080P
With built-in 230 mAh litium battery, it can work for 60 minutes and be fully charged within 2 hours;

4 Car Dash Cam User Manual V3 0

70mai Dash Cam Pro. Instruction.© «Org-Info.Mobi»
PathingTeck Dash Cam Specification:
  • Chipset: Novatek 1248
  • Screen Size: 2.4 inch
  • Sensor: 5.0 Mega CMOS
  • Video Resolution: 1080P, 720P, VGA, QVGA
  • Video Format: MOV
  • Compression Format: M-JPEG
  • LED Night Vision Support: 1 infrared LED
  • Zoom: 4x
  • Sound Recording: Can be set by user, ON or OFF
  • Photo Pixel: 12M, 10M, 8M, 7M, 5M, 3M, 2M, VGA
  • Photo Format: JPEG
  • Support Max.32GB Micro SD/SDHC Card (not included)
  • NO HDMI output
  • G-Sensor: Support
  • Loop recording: off, 3 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins
  • Auto Power Off: 1/3/5/off
  • Parking Monitor: On/Off
  • Language: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese (Simp), Chinese (Trad), Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korea, Thai, Polish

Dash Cam Features:
Full HD video quality (Sharp and Smooth Recording):
The camera integrates a wide 170 degree viewing angle and a clear and smooth Full HD video quality, to ensure your whole trip is recorded with high clarity.

G-Sensor (Automatically Records Every Critical Moment):
If the dash cam’s built-in G-Sensor detects an impact during recording, it will instantly trigger Emergency Recording mode. Video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten.

Motion Detection:
Automatically begins recording when there is motion in front of the camera. You can turn this OFF/ON and adjust the Sensitivity.

Parking monitor:

Press the “P” button to activate parking monitor. This will automatically turn on the PathingTek Dash Cam when there is shock. Make sure the battery is at full power before using.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Car DVR
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x Suction mount
  • 1 x User Manual

Trouble shooting:
1. Please use this dash cam with the car charger.
2. You will need to use a class 10 high-speed micro SD card. (not included)
3. If you encounter any problems, press the reset button to restart the device.

HDMI and AV output. Play back the footage on the LCD display or review later on your computer / TV.
Easier to switch in the midst of the driving, to improve safety. Vivid video capture, not only helps you to record an unexpected accident, but it can also be used to record the beautiful scenery.

Novatek 1248 chipset, good image quality for the price. 2.4 inch TFT LCD High definition Screen, the biggest and clearest in the market for this camera case. 140 degrees A+ grade high-resolution wide angle lens, all glass. Transparency and shooting is much better than a cheap plastic lens. Gravity sensor locks and protects video files against vehicle collision accidents. Parking monitor feature keeps the PathingTek recording for parking security. Make sure to turn this feature off while driving, and keep the camera powered. You need to leave enough space on the microSD card. Date/Time stamp, Motion Detection, loop recording can be set up by users. Supports micro SD/SDHC card, 8GB to 32GB (not Included).

Click here to see full specifications for the PathingTek Dash Cam

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